Re-Charge Those Batteries

It’s Sunday already – I can’t believe it. How was your weekend?? Mine was jam-packed. I’ll have more for you tomorrow with the eats, but for now, I’ll give you a quick run down:

Friday: Dinner with the girls followed by some bar time.
Saturday: Brunch followed by shopping with a family friend who was in NY from LA.
Saturday night: Decided very last minute (6 PM) that I wanted to head to my parents’ house to RELAX.
Sunday: A cardio-filled workout at the gym with my friend Rebecca followed by a mani/pedi.

I was very happy that I went with my gut to leave the city for a total of 36 hours. With all of the running around that’s been going on – my body and mind were telling me that I needed to get out of the “go, go, go” for a little bit to sleep and watch excessive re-runs of trashy television. Another little thing was also calling me home:

In my comfy pajamas with Spanky = my kind of Sunday morning. And no, I am not choking him.

I think tonight calls for some take out.. sushi maybe? Likely followed by fro yo… now that sounds GOOD!

Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone.

Question: What do you do whenever you start to feel a little run down?


4 responses to “Re-Charge Those Batteries

  1. By Sunday, it is usually typical of me to feel run down. The weeks for me are always long, waking up early to workout, teaching all day, grading papers at night. So when I have something planned all day for Saturday too, Sunday is just a wash with me inside watching Lifetime movies all day.

  2. Ahhhh I could really go for a mani-pedi! so awesome! I try and head home when I am feeling worn down…my mom and puppy always brighten my day!

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