Eatin’ Fool

Hi, snacky friends! How’s your week been? Mine was filled with running around – and a bit busier than usual, but that’s okay 🙂 I wasn’t able to go to the gym Monday-Wednesday… for all of those ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ peeps out there–there’s also my will to sleep in ’til 7:30 rather than 5:45 for the gym. Sometimes it happens. However, it felt amazing to go to the gym tonight after work. It made me appreciate the treadmill and dumb bells more. Is that weird? I’m okay with it.

I realize I haven’t really shown you my eats recently, so I’ve snapped up a few pics for your eyes:

Trader Joes Plain Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Low Sugar TJ’s cereal, low sugar syrup. THE JAM!

A salad for lunch with salsa chicken (from mahhh crock pot), lettuce, spinach, and ginger.

Snackin Hurr and Thurr 😉

Blueberry Yogurt Repeat


Generally speaking, I try to steer clear of diet soda. But I wanted this. Real bad.

Yepp. Lots of salsa chicken.

I swear I'm not a rabbit.

A bowl of Tabatchnick Mushroom Barley Soup for dinner with some TJ’s Pita Chips. Divine.

These photos don’t consist of all my eats over the past three days, but gives you a good idea of what I’ve been consuming. Pretty delicious stuff I have to say.

Question of the Night: What have you been eating lately??


5 responses to “Eatin’ Fool

  1. I’m loving the ginger with your salad. I always steal everyone’s ginger when I go out to sushi.

  2. I have such a weakness for jelly beans. I was at our school convenience store yesterday and saw them in the bulk candy. I couldn’t resist a dollars worth!

  3. I’m not a huge soda lover either but it seems about 2 to 3 times a year, I get an itching for a soda. When I buy them, I go for the Zevia sodas.

    My food lately: Lots of oatmeal, craving nuts ALL the time (plus raisins), chocolate arbonne shakes, and lots and lots of greenery. I think I am Half Rabbit!

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