Fig & Olive

Last night, my room mate Britt, her sister Amanda, and our friend Rebecca went to a restaurant called Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking District for dinner. Our reservations weren’t until 9:15, so we arrived ready to eat. I had been to Fig & Olive several times before–since they have a few locations throughout the city–but this Fig & Olive in particular was incredibly trendy. Maybe because it’s fashion week in NYC, there were so many hip people sipping cocktails and eating delicious meals.

Once seated we looked over the menu and decided to share 9 crostini’s between the three of us and cut all of them in half. We also decided to shared the mixed cheese platter (a combo of different goat, cow, and sheep cheeses) which was accompanied with a fig & olive walnut tapenade as well as marcona olives.

6 out of 9 crostini's

We absolutely devoured everything. It was really nice to order the crostini’s–Fig & Olive offer ten different types of crostini’s and since we ordered a set of three and a set of six, we asked for one of each except for the ‘Boquerones, Tomato, Charmoula’ one. The cheese platter is also something you can’t go wrong ordering here–each one is flavorful and pairs really nicely with the tapenade’s. Two thumbs up.

We were also served with a complimentary plate of bread along with three different olive oils for dipping.. each one better than the last!

(We managed to eat half of the bread before I was able to get the picture. Scavengers.)

All of us decided to order appetizers as a main course since we did some damage with all of the appetizers. Britt and her sister both ordered the beef carpaccio (of which they gave rave reviews):

Rebecca and I both ordered the Sea Scallops and Truffle Artichoke Tapenade which came with White Truffle Olive Oil (I hear angels singing..).

These were some of the best scallops I have ever had. A description won’t really do it justice so I won’t try.

Britt and Amanda

Me and Rebecca

It was such a nice dinner and I definitely plan to go back! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone 🙂

Question: Where’s the last place you went out to eat? Was it good?


6 responses to “Fig & Olive

  1. I love scallops! These sound amazing!

  2. Yummm ive been wanting to go there! I’m a sucker for cheese and bread and olive oil lol. This past week I went to Lure fishbar in soho with my cousin and had the most amazing grilled salmon. Nom nom nom 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great place! A perfect restaurant for a night out 🙂 The scallops look GOOD

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