Kraft Milk Bites

Heyyyyo! How are you all on this fine Monday evening? Pretty glad Monday is over, huh? Well I certainly am — I’m still not feelin’ too hott. I have a cough now and am still achey on and off.. not. good. Especially because I am going away this upcoming weekend for Presidents Day Weekend! So I best be feeling better by then!

Luckily I have a great new foodie review for you all. A couple weeks ago, the peeps at Kraft Food reached out to me to see if I’d want to review their new granola bar, Milk Bites. I gladly obliged and am glad I did 🙂 In a cute little snack tote came two different flavors; chocolate and strawberry.

Every day I'm snack-snack-snackin'

Keep refrigerated!

You have to keep these puppies in the fridge fridge because they contain real milk. Each bar has the same amount of calcium as there is in an 8 oz. glass of milk! The concept is to combine granola with milk to create a different type of snack bar–and the result is delicious.

I first tried the chocolate one, which definitely cured my sweet tooth.

What I really like about these bars is the fact that there is portion control when it comes to the granola. Granola is obviously delicious when served in yogurt, frozen yogurt, or even eaten on its own, but it’s not exactly calorie friendly. I love that I can get my granola fix with this snack, but I can’t over-do it since each bar is individually packaged.

Next up? The strawberry!

I decided to break up the strawberry bar and mix it with a 50 calorie Dannon yogurt as an after work snack. It was a very delicious choice 😉

Overall, I found these bars to be a great snack option and again, I loved how they portioned out my granola intake. I felt they were a little high in sugar for my taste (10 grams in each) but had a sufficient amount of protein–which is something I always look for in a snack (5 grams in each).

Thanks, Kraft!

Question of the Night: What have you been snackin’ on lately?


6 responses to “Kraft Milk Bites

  1. I will have to keep an eye out for these at the store. I’m always up for trying a new snack bar!

  2. The commercial for thsse is so cute and funny! You have to youtube it if. You haven’t seen it yet haha. I’ve been meaning to try Kashi’s new chocolate pretzel bars. They look yummy. I just finished my dark chcolate coconut ones so I need a refill asap!

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  4. Wow these look SO good. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them! They remind me of those Philadelphia cheesecake bars that used to be everywhere.

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