Quality vs. Quantity

Hey there! It’s finally Thursday night which means that tomorrow is the best day of all; Friday! For some reason, I couldn’t be more excited for this weekend. I have no plans, and I’m totally okay with that 🙂 A little over a week ago, I posted that I was going to take a week off from working out, which was something I hadn’t done in about a year and a half. So when I got back to the gym on Tuesday, I never felt better. Not only did I begin working out again, but I’ve also started eating better.

It’s easy to slip and slide through healthy eating. Days on end filled with salads, grilled chicken, and soup just isn’t fun. So of course, like anyone else, I love to have my sweets and treats in moderation. However, since I’ll be going to Aruba with a bunch of my friends at the end of June, I’m ready to eat healthier than ever (most of the time) and continue down a path of butt-kicking workouts (with rest days, too).

Today, I left the gym realizing that I have definitely learned something. About three years ago, a workout to me was not complete without at least forty minutes of cardio. I pushed my body to the brink, and it basically shut down. Today’s workout was one where I was out of the gym in 35 minutes and I can already tell my arms will be sore tomorrow. I worked on my arms for a little over 20 minutes and continued with ab work for the next 15. It was perfect. The lesson I’ve learned? QUANTITY DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN QUALITY!. Quality is working as hard as you can, for however long you feel you need to. Amen to that! 😉

After my workout I was crrravvvinngggg veggies. I didn’t really question why, but knew that I didn’t have the sufficient vegetables I needed to make an awesome salad. So off to Trader Joe’s I went to stock up a bit:

As you can see, there are mostly healthy vegetables including spinach, carrots, tomato’s, jicama, snap peas, and brussel sprouts, but home girl needs some of those sweets, too! Sooooo I purchased this for the first time — and it was the last jar on the shelf:


This stuff tastes very, very much like Biscoff, which is also crack by the way. It’s too good. For 90 cals in 1 tbsp, it is once again a great way to cure your sweet tooth, in — say it together people — moderation! But, yes, I also purchased these:

Because I always need chocolate on hand. Duh. But THEN I also made this for dinner:

An incredibly big spinach salad which consisted of the following:
-One Morning Star Veggie Burger
-Heaping 2 tbsp Trader Joes Basil Hummus
-Diced Carrots
-Diced Snap Peas
-Sauteed Brussel Sprouts
-Diced Tomato
-1/2 low carb wrap

Hit the spot. The healthy spot that is 😉

Have a great night, everyone!

Question of the Night: Do you find that you’re generally a healthy eater? What are some of your favorite ‘healthy’ foods? How do you indulge your sweet/salty tooth?

8 responses to “Quality vs. Quantity

  1. Gahhh so jealous that you got cookie butter! I at my biscoff spread in like 4 days…oops. I saw that they sell it in individual things so I may have to buy them so I dont go nuts!

  2. I have been dying to try that cookie butter. The last time I was at TJ’s, which was back in early January, they said they had been sold out since November. Wah.

  3. so im assuming the fact that I finished a jar of Nutella the other night is not in moderation.

  4. Oh man I want a mani/pedi right now. I could really use one haha

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