Cupcake Night

Our friend Geoff has come over to help Britt prepare cupcakes for the people she works with tomorrow. Every Friday, someone from Britt’s job has to come in with some sort of food or drink. I think that’s a really nice idea so as to bring the workplace together and just have a nice time. So while Geoff does this:

..And Britt does this:

I’m sitting here doing this:

Waiting for these to be done so I can try one:

…Hey, ya’ never want too many cooks in the kitchen, right?

Question of the Night: Does your office do something to get everyone together and step away from the work for a bit? If so, what does your office do?


4 responses to “Cupcake Night

  1. I ❤ cupcakes! I just made a late night grocery trip to pick up chocolate chips and caramels for a toogoodtobetrue sounding recipe!

  2. So fun! The place where I work now doesn’t do anything like this, since it’s a high school with pretty many staff members. However, my first year of teaching I worked in a small, private school & on the first Friday of every month, the PTA would make an AWESOME breakfast spread for the teachers. Come to think of it, the teachers at that school are probably enjoying first Friday as a type… now, I’m jealous. 🙂

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