Chefs Diet Review

Tonight I have a pretty awesome meal plan review for all of you. A couple weeks back, the friendly peeps at Chefs Diet reached out to me to see if I’d like to try a day of their meal delivery service to review for StephSnacks. I was immediately intrigued because I’ve always read about movie stars, singers, and celebrities using these diet systems for weight loss success. While I didn’t test Chef’s Diet for weight loss (I only did one day after all) I payed close attention to taste and how filling each meal was.

First things first — it was pretty awesome to have a big lunch box on my desk as soon as I walked into work packed with my days eats. Chef’s Diet makes sure your meals are at your door before your day begins. Um, yes, I could definitely get used to not preparing all my meals every day, day on end. Definitely an A+ in that department.

My meals were accompanied by a full-on menu. According to Chefs Diet, no meal plan exceeds 1500 calories. So when paired with at least four days of working out, I can imagine that the results are incredible.

I was stoked when I saw my breakfast. I have the bad tendency of generally eating greek yogurt for breakfast. Of course greek yogurt is really good for you, but having it almost every single day is bad for your taste buds. So when I saw this, I was really happy:

Smoked Turkey Breast Muffin Melt:This breakfast was recommended to be heated prior to eating it. So heat I did. I found that this breakfast was the perfect combo of carbs and protein. The turkey was fresh and flavorful and the cream cheese spread it came with was absolutely delicious. I ate this around 9:30 and was full until my lunch at 1:00.

It came with grapes, too 😉

Once 1:00 arrived, I was definitely ready for lunch.

Zesty Tomato, Ham, and Cheddar Soup: Seriously, guys, this didn’t taste ‘diet’-esque at all. The cheese in this soup was phenomenal–the whole meal almost reminded me of a ‘pizza’ soup. However, I didn’t taste or see any ham.

Around 4:00, I was definitely ready for a snack — and snack time it was! Chefs Diet suggests eating your snacks anywhere from three to five hours after your last meal.

Grilled Chicken and Peppercorn Salad – Generally speaking, I like to have more of a ‘munchy’ and ‘crunchy’ type of snack, whether it be a bag of 100 calorie popcorn, carrots and hummus, or a granola bar — so having grilled chicken was a change for me. This snack was honestly a little bland for me, but the peppercorn dressing definitely helped. To me, this snack kind of seemed like the other half of my lunch, since lunch was on the smaller side. But I enjoyed the idea of having two mini meals instead of one substantial meal.

–>Insert Workout Here<–

Once 7:30 rolled around, it was time for dinner. This was on the menu:

Frikadellen German Meat Patties with Egg Noodles and Mushroom Piquant Sauce – Again, this meal was heated up in the microwave prior to eating it. I loved the meat patty – it tasted like it was literally made that day and was so filling. Generally speaking, I like egg noodles so I was happy to have ’em in my meal! (PS–Currently obsessed with the word Frikadellen.. it makes me laugh).

And finally? Dessert:

Cherry Almond Supreme – I liked–not loved this. It was just kind of like jelly with two frozen cherries. It was nice and light but not super satisfying for a post-dinner snack.

If I had it my way, I’d do this diet for at least a month. Overall, the food was amazing and filling. It was so amazingggg to have the food ready for me. Am I being lazy? Maybe. But it was fabulous.

Thanks, Chefs Diet!

Question of the Night: Would you consider doing an at-home food delivery service? Have you ever done one?


11 responses to “Chefs Diet Review

  1. I’ve never done anything like that but I know there are great companies on the market. They’re great for helping people learn about portion control as well so eventually they can wean off of the delivered foods and make their own!

    • I totally agree – portion control is a huge part of weight loss, and a delivery system like Chef’s Diet is perfect for starting to understand what a true portion looks like.

  2. I would definitely consider doing something like this, if only for the convenience of it!

  3. That is really cool! It definitely sounds like it would be easy for you! Do you get options? like I know that I don’t eat turkey or ham…

  4. That sounds like quite a treat! Actually, I would like to be the one that provides the meal service 🙂 I love cooking and would love to share it with other people and also help them out in their busy lives. Also, that word is german 😉 basically they are homemade hamburgers.


    • Ahh and they were so delicious, to boot!

      • Thanks Steph, for all your positive words on our wonderful program. My name is Joseph Dante, I’m a Senior Account Rep and Diet Specialist for “Chefs Diet”. Ive been at Chefs Diet for many years and i honestly love my job because it helps me make a difference in peoples lives. My clients lose on average 8-12 lbs per month, and thats without working out. Add a little carido or a moderate activity level and people have been known to lose double that within a month. We spare no expense in quality because we believe that in order to keep people commited to a diet, it has got to taste good. I would love to give your readers a chance to come on board at a discounted rate if they would like to sign up. Also i would give you several complimentary days of service (3 meals and 2 snacks daily) for every refferal that you give me. My number is 917-266-2411 or you could reach me at
        Have a fantastic day from all of us here at Chefs Diet!

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