Cray Cray

Yes, I titled this blog post ‘cray cray’. It’s the first expression that came to mind after thinking about the past 24 hours–or the past five days to say the least. For those of you unaware of this phrase, it’s a silly way of saying crazy. Love saying cray cray. Alright, enough of that. Let me take you back through to Wednesday night and bring you up to speed.

After work on Wednesday, my friend Lara had a couple of us to her place on the east side for some wine and apps. It was a really great evening filled with tons of girl talk — and who doesn’t like to talk for hours on end with a glass of wine in hand?

PS — Lara prepared home made stuffed mushrooms for us. They were incredible; I am definitely going to try to re-create them. Stuffed mushrooms is the type of dish I would never think about preparing until someone gives me the idea–thanks Lara!

Onto Thursday.. after work, my friend Lauren and I decided to meet up at our old stomping grounds, The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to check out the amazing exhibit they have on display. The exhibit, called ‘Impact’, was put together by Council of Fashion Designers America along with Diane Von Furstenberg. Impact included 100 garments and accessories created by some of the most well-known and accomplished American designers (Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, etc..).

While I couldn’t take any pictures of the actual clothing in the museums, I do highly recommend anyone living in the NYC area to check it out. It really made me appreciate the work ethic and talent these designers have — clothing to them is not just about throwing a t-shirt on; it’s about careful decision-making when it comes to fabric, patterns, and trends. So inspiring.

Afterwards, Lauren and I decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants ever–Alpha. When I was in college, I lived right across the street from this amazing sushi restaurant and all of my friends used to call and text me basically every week saying, ‘Alpha tonight?’. I don’t think I remember a week where I didn’t at least get take out from there. Sorry, wallet.

To start, Lauren and I each ordered a green salad and miso soup.

The green salad is pretty standard aside from the sliced mango and jicama (which, by the way, jicama is amazing). We both love the ginger dressing so we asked for another side of it!

(Sorry for the blurry pic).

Oh my gosh I loved this miso soup. I don’t recall ever having Alpha’s miso soup but I definitely regret it. Their miso soup is much different from any other I have ever tried. The broth is a bit spicier and thicker but so, so flavorful. There are decent size pieces of tofu, also, which I definitely appreciate over the tiny little squares that most restaurants toss in. I could have had two bowls of this and called it a night but instead I chose to order a bit of sushi!

I ordered the tuna jalepeno roll which was incredible along with some tamago, mackerel, and smoked salmon sashimi. I’m so glad I ordered the tuna jalepeno roll because it was something I would have generally stayed away from since I never have jalepeno with sushi, but I’m definitely glad I took the plunge πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s worth it to order something you’re not so familiar with–your taste buds will thank you!

Onto Friday Night — I really regret not having pictures of my meal to show you, but I went to this fantastic little sushi place with my friend Alyssa called Tomoe Sushi which is down near the NYU area. My co-worker Hattie suggested this place to me and I’m forever thankful. This is a mayja’ statement, but Tomoe’s sushi is probably the best I have ever had. I’ve eaten at some pretty high-end sushi restaurants, but none with sushi this fresh and delicious. I can’t even explain — to all my NYC peeps, please check this place out.

While Tomoe isn’t a place you go to for decor (it’s also pretty loud inside since the place is so small) you need to go for the food. Incredibly authentic and delicious. As suggested by Hattie, we ordered the tuna, and I’m so glad we did. If anyone needs a friend to go with them, I wouldn’t totally mind having to come with you πŸ˜‰

And now onto Saturday — St. Patrick’s Day! My friend John and I had plans to spend the entire day together and be a little ‘cray cray’. Well cray cray is exactly what I got. However, I will say that prior to the insanity, I managed to squeeze in a 45 minute session at the gym which included a heart pumping treadmill workout along with reverse crunches and sit ups. Score!

My friend Lara (the one who had me over for wine and app’s on Wednesday) had a St. Patty’s day party so John and I went there for a while. It was so much fun and the perfect way to celebrate such a fun day.

Being the gracious hostess Lara is, she had a spread of different bagels, quiche, and mimosa’s set up. I stuck with a few mimosa’s knowing that John and I would be grabbing food after the party.

John and I headed downtown to The Bailey Pub and Brasserie for a late brunch around 2:00. The brunch menu offers a few different entree options along with two free drinks–either mimosa’s, bloody Mary’s, bellini’s, or white/red house wine all for $15. Not a bad deal! I ordered The Bailey Omelette and asked for egg whites only.

The food wasn’t amazing and there was no avocado in my omelette, which was actually one of the main reasons I ordered it to begin with. Oh well – can’t win ’em all! John and I did enjoy the drinks though and I was happy to be with such good company! I met John during our French class at FIT about 2 1/2 years ago and he’s been one of my best friends ever since. I love that even if a little bit of time goes by, I can tell John anything and everything and he just gets it. So lucky to have such a wonderful friend!

Not many healthy living bloggers will tell you this, but next time you are having drinks all day and you go out to eat, order something bad for you. Don’t do what I did and try to navigate yourself to the healthiest option–friggen order something that will hold you throughout the day so you won’t be as hungry basically two hours later. Order the eggs benedict and enjoy them. You can eat an egg white omelette tomorrow. Okay – glad I said that.

After brunch, John and I went back to his apartment to enjoy the outdoor deck and some wine. Winning πŸ™‚

Around 8:30 John and I were super hungry so we met up with Britt and Geoff for Mexican at Caliente Cab.

And that is that, friends. Hope you all enjoy a wonderfully relaxing Sunday πŸ™‚


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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend. I love this entry, cute blog too!


  2. Looks like you had a fun few days! And so much good food! πŸ™‚

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