The Most Dangerous Limits

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I am so beyond glad we are coming up to the weekend. Just a few short hours before some relaxation can begin. I’m trying to take it really easy this weekend and brush up on things that I ignore during the work week; laundry, cleaning my room, running an errand or two, and CHILLEN’! However, I am looking forward to Sunday because I’ll be spending the day with a couple work friends for a bit of shopping and brunching šŸ™‚ Right up my alley.

Before getting into my morning, let me start off by saying that the randomly selected winner of the Chef’s Diet give away was SHAYNE! Congrats! Please contact me at šŸ™‚

I started off my morning with a bowl of delicious pumpkin oats:

In the mix:
-1/2 cup oats
-3/4 cup water
-splash of soy half and half
-dash of seat salt
-1 packet Splenda

Directions: Stir everything over medium heat until you reach the consistency you like. Transfer into a bowl and stir in anywhere from 1/4-1/2 cup of pumpkin. Add about 1 tbsp of nut butter on top!

I have officially become obsessed with Artisana Coconut Butter, and have deemed it acceptable to slather all over my oatmeal in the morning. You would, too.

There’s a bit of back-and-forth for me when it comes to putting a bit of nut butter on top of my oatmeal — and this is the worry wart in me. I love having a filling breakfast (generally around 8:15 AM) because then I’m literally full until 1:00. I know the protein and fats in the nut butter helps me stay full, but I don’t like the feeling of eating so many calories in the morning. Usually I just tell myself to get over it and wind up putting the nut butter on top. I’m glad that I do. If I’m worrying about a tablespoon of coconut butter then I need to re-think my life. Okay all said and done!

I want to leave you all with an awesome quote I found in an issue of March’s SELF magazine. It’s something to think about.

“Once upon a time, we believed the world was flat–that beyond a certain point, there would be nowhere to go. And though we now know the world is round, we still fear falling off imaginary edges, too often thinking there’s only so far we can stretch, so hard we can push. The most dangerous limits are those in our own head. When you feel you’re at the edge, look again. You can go farther”

Have a very happy Friday everyone!

Question of the Day: Do you have any fears big or small? How do you get through them?


8 responses to “The Most Dangerous Limits

  1. I always add some pb to my overnight oats! The extra fat/calories are definitely worth it to me, since I don’t really have the option to snack throughout the day!

  2. That is an awesome quote!!! I have a lot of fears that are pretty irrational…popping balloons, needles, and thousand leggers to name a few.

  3. I pretty much get anxious with anything new or unfamiliar with me, and I found that I just need to go for it, and the next new thing gets a little easier!

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