Lazy Morning

Good morning to you all! I’m just hangin’ in bed with my 2nd cup of coffee and ready for a chill day. It’s a bit rainy out and seems the perfect day to take things slow. I’m quite proud of myself for still being in bed at 10:30; generally speaking I’m up and out by around 9:30. My body just wakes me up! Does that ever happen to you? Even if a bunch of my girlfriends and I go out on a Friday or Saturday night and they all want to sleep in the next morning, one of them will hesitantly say to me, ‘Steph, are you gonna sleep in tomorrow?’. Ugh, my bad.

No matta’ what, I’m definitely going to get my workout in today. I have a couple new workouts to share with you all! Hope you enjoy them — let me know what you think. Love your feedback!

Go get your workout in! It can be only twenty minutes and you’ll accomplish so much more than you think 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!


One response to “Lazy Morning

  1. After nights are are when I wake up the earliest! So weird… have a great weekend!

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