Levain Bakery

Yesterday, something wonderful happened. I finally visited a bakery I have been hearing about for a while. Levain Bakery is a small shop on the Upper West Side filled with delicious smelling cookies, breads, and just about any carb you can dream of. So naturally, after completing a workout that nearly gave me a heart attack, I decided it’d be best to swing by Levain to see what all the hype was.

Oh and hype there was — just check out the line I waited on:

The insane aroma coming out of Levain convinced me to wait on the line and purchase a thing or two. I inched closer and closer and closer…

Once inside, I took a look at what the bakery had to offer and made up my mind pretty quickly. The cookies are kind of steep at $4.00 a pop, but they’re also pretty big. I chose the double chocolate chip cookie along with a (huge) slice of the banana chocolate chip pound cake:

For only ordering one cookie and one piece of pound cake, my bag was on the hefty side! These things are packed with goodness. As soon as I returned to my apartment, my room mate Britt popped up from the couch so we could immediately break into these things that I’ll refer to as crack.

I first tried a bite of the pound cake:

I really appreciated the ratio of banana to chocolate chip (does that sound kind of pretentious? anyway…) I honestly did. The banana flavor was there but the bits of chocolate were perfect. However, this bad boy stole the freakin’ show:

There is no way that I can accurately describe how bleeping delicious this thing was. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is undoubtedly for you. Somehow those genius bakers at Levain have been able to create a cookie that is crispy on the outside but incredibly gooey and rich on the inside — chocolate everywhere. I took two bites and my craving was completely taken care of. Needless to say, I cannot wait to try the other cookies.

Now I’m off to spend the day with a couple friends from work. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


10 responses to “Levain Bakery

  1. Oh my goodness; these treats looks delish!

  2. Oh, wow that cookie looks insanely good. I am really craving some chocolate right now!

  3. Oh my goodness! That looks amazing!!! I will have to remember it for my next NYC trip 🙂

  4. That cookie looks fantastic! Definitely looks like it was worth the line!

  5. That cookie looks amazing.

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