Cooler Cleanse

Today, my friends, is the beginning of the end. And yes, I am being totally dramatic. But tonight is the last night I will be eating solid food for the next three days. Let me explain. A couple weeks ago when I went to dinner with my friend Lauren, she told me about a cleanse she did with her co-workers which she had really liked.

Now listen, I’m the type of gal who loves food. I like texture and flavor – crunch, sweet, salty, puree’s, everything. I never really considered doing a cleanse because it just didn’t sound appealing to me. But Lauren’s convincing took about twenty minutes and I realized this was something I wanted to do for a number of reasons – which I’ll get to. So starting tomorrow, I will be on the 3-Day Cooler Cleanse. I picked up my juices tonight:

Cooler Cleanse did an awesome job of packaging all the juices and labeling numbers on each juice so that you know the order to drink them in throughout the day. Each day I will have six different juices to drink every two hours. I have to drink the last one at least two hours before bed. I’m going to try to plan it out like this:

1st juice – 9:00 am
2nd juice – 11:00 am
3rd juice – 1:00 pm
4th juice – 3:00 pm
5th juice – 5:00 pm
6th juice – 8:00 pm

It seems like the best way to be broken down to me and for me. This is going to be quite the challenge – and that’s only half of the reason I’m doing it. The other half has to do with the actual ‘cleansing’ itself. I truly feel like I can use this cleanse; ever since moving to the city, there’s been a lot of eating out, froyo, late nights, drinks, and birthday party’s to last a life time (um–whose birthday is next?–I love a good birthday outing). That’s not to say I don’t balance all of the above with healthy foods and exercising about 70% of the time – but I’m ready to do something ‘hardcore’ and that feels right for me for right now.

During the cleanse, light exercise is suggested as a good thing, and I will likely take 30 minute treadmill walks on Wednesday and Thursday along with some ab and arm work. I have decided to take tomorrow off from the gym just so my body can adjust to the cleanse.

Throughout the next three days I will record my thoughts, feelings, and likes/dislikes with each juice.

Fingers crossed for a successful cleanse!! 🙂

Question of the Night: Have you ever done a cleanse? What did you feel? What were the results?


24 responses to “Cooler Cleanse

  1. good luck steph! i’m definitely interested in how this goes i wanna give it a try

  2. Oh man…this is interesting! I can’t wait to hear how it goes! Is it expensive?

  3. Good luck you can do it!!!!!! Woo!!

  4. Cant wait to hear how it goes and how you’re feeling!!! I’ve been curious about trying a cleanse for a whole but I’ve gotten verryyyyy mixed reviews. Good luck!!

    Xo, Mel

  5. I’ve never done a cleanse, but I’m curious to hear how this goes for you! Good luck!

  6. readytogetsweaty

    I’m really looking forward to hearing how you like it. I’ve never heard of this cleanse, but it definitely sounds like soemthing I would be interested in.

  7. Good luck Steph! I tried doing a juice cleanse for one day after a morning of hot yoga and lasted about three hours before gorging at the diner. Hope it goes well! 🙂

  8. I’ve heard about this cleanse! I’m excited to see what you think of it! 🙂

    I’ve never done a cleanse before but was thinking about doing one..

  9. First day can be the toughest, but hang in there. Customer support and the Cooler Cleanse Facbeook page provide a lot of support or tips when you’re curious if something you’re experiencing is normal.

    My energy was quite higher than I expected. I bet you can exercise more than you expect, but don’t be a hero.

    I was also pleasantly surprised not to be hungry. By the time I started wanting something, it was time for another juice.

    An expected thing is that I felt cold, as I was only drinking the juices and cold water. If that happens, just have some hot water, or some herbal tea, and you’ll be fine.

    Also, keep your evenings light. My 3rd night was not my favorite, and I’m not sure if it was because I had to be out doing something instead of home relaxing and winding down, because I was fine the other 2 days but I was home.

    Hope you have a good experience!

    • Thanks so much for the tips, Joe! I can agree that once I became hungry – it was time for my 2nd juice, which was awesome! I plan to take it pretty easy these next three days and am excited to see my final results on Friday (Thursday is the last day of my cleanse).

  10. Good luck! I’ve never done one before but its something I’ve thought about.

  11. I’ve never done a liquid cleanse and I think it would be super hard for me! Good luck. Definitely let us know how it goes!

  12. would be helpful if there was a discount code for us…other bloggers gave out codes.

    • I actually asked Cooler Cleanse if they would provide a discount code but I was told it was unavailable. I am sure if you get in touch with them and tell them you read about the cleanse here, they will try to accommodate you.

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