Spring Has Sprung!

Hello hello and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! I came to my parents’ house for the weekend to spend the holiday with them and it’s been really nice. Hangin’ out with my pup of course, seeing friends, and being lazy. I actually did a wonderful outdoor workout yesterday which I’ll share with you in a bit! It’s always so nice to come home and see GREEN GRASS. In the city, you kind of have to go to a park (not that going to Central Park is a bad deal) but it’s really awesome to be surrounded by greenery sometimes:

After a nice walk with Spanky early this morning, I came home to see this on the door step:

The ‘Easter Bunny’ came!! My mom set up an Easter basket for me which was SO AWESOME. I felt like I was eight years old again and loved every second. My sister (who couldn’t be with us because of school) and I also gave my parents a little gift which they loved:

Now I’m just hanging out with Spanky and waiting to go to an early dinner with my parents. Before I sign off though, I want to share with you my workout from yesterday, which has left me incredibly sore.

I ran/power walked to the local high school’s track, which is approximately a mile and a half from my parents house. Once I got to the track, I decided to complete two miles of straight away’s — which sounds simple in my mind but I couldn’t stop huffin’ and puffin’ through it.

I sprinted the straight away’s and the power-walked the curves. After I completed one mile, I did 100 crunches before doing the next mile of sprints. Then I ran/walked my way back home. Done and done!

Enjoy a beautiful Sunday – hope you’re eating some chocolate bunnies!


4 responses to “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. I love still getting Easter goodies from my parents! That sounds like an awesome workout.

  2. Sounds like a good workout to me!! And how fun to get a basket!! My sister’s dog ate mine a few years ago…the actual basket and the treats!

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