My First Vlog!!

Hiya!! Okay, so doing my very first ‘vlog’ definitely took a bit of courage on my end. I am semi camera shy (most of you probably don’t believe me considering that I write a blog about my life/former food-issues/etc..) but trust me, the camera and I ain’t friends. HOWEVER, I really wanted to try something new out – so let me know what you think 🙂

Ta-da!! Like I said.. I’m off to eat some dinner and get a few other things done. Have an awesome night.


10 responses to “My First Vlog!!

  1. Harriet Guadagnuolo


  2. Love it! 🙂 It’s always fun to watch blogs & get to hear what bloggers sound like, I think! I need to do one!

  3. Awesome! So that’s what Steph from stephsnacks looks like? Looks so familiar!?! Anywhoo the vlogging idea is mint. Shows us your how true your genuine thoughts are on healthy living! Great idea!

  4. Love the vlog! You’re adorable! I really like what you have on your blog, and don’t really think of anything you should change 🙂

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