Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I’m so sad that this one in particular is over because it was such a fun one filled with friends, food, drinks, and shopping. However, I am hoping that it was a nice sneak peek into the Summer ahead because I had an absolute blast. Let me take you back to Friday night when my friend Rebecca and I had dinner at a restaurant called Spring Natural Kitchen on the Upper West Side. I had been hearing amazing things about Spring Street Kitchen in SoHo, but was really happy to learn that there was one on the Upper West.

I liked the interior very much because it was nice and open with sleek designs and simple decorations:

Rebecca and I waited for about fifteen minutes before being seated at our table, so we decided to sit at the bar and order drinks. We both ordered the Asian Plum Cocktail which was so light and refreshing. One of the best cocktails I have had in a while. It consisted of Japanese Plum Liquor, cointreau, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice, and topped with champagne.

I stuck with one of these, but could have easily had two or three. As an appetizer, we decided to split the Tuna Tartare which was served with a seaweed salad and avocado puree.

Rebecca and I both ordered the same entree! We went for the Spring Natural Chopped Salad with tofu. It included romaine and iceberg lettuce with feta cheese, roasted corn, red peppers, chopped tomato’s, and herbed croutons tossed with a red wine-mustard vinaigrette. I asked for my dressing on the side and wound up using it all because it was so light.

This salad was perfectly light yet filling. All of the ingredients were super fresh and delicious. I will absolutely be back to Spring Natural Kitchen!

Once Saturday night rolled around, a bunch of my friends got together to celebrate our friend Analeesa’s 24th birthday. We started out at the Standard Beer Garden and then wound up at another lounge/club where we danced for hours. It was awesome and luckily my new favorite song ‘Call Me Maybe’ was played after I begged the DJ for a minute or two… so you know I got down šŸ˜›

Analeesa, Phil, and myself!

Britt, John, and Rebecca

To end an amazing night, Rebecca, Britt, and I all went to a popular pizza place called Artichoke Pizza for a couple slices. I decided to pass, but Rebecca and Britt each got a slice of Artichoke Pizza and they were clearly very excited about it:

This is a whole Artichoke Pie. While it isn’t what we ordered, it came fresh out of the oven and looked too good to pass up snapping a picture.

Well, while I decided not to order a whole slice, Britt and Rebecca were kind enough to throw me pretty big scraps of their slices, and I CANNOT get over how good this pizza is. I literally can’t wait to go back. The dough was crispy yet doughy and the artichoke sauce was beyond words incredible. I loved the little pieces of artichoke scattered throughout. Ugh, will someone bring me a slice right now?? šŸ˜‰

Now I’m off to watch some of my favorite reality shows! Have a great rest of your night!

Question of the Night: What is your favorite kind of pizza? I’m now thinking that mine is artichoke…


8 responses to “Sneak Peek

  1. Artichoke pizza sounds amazing! I’m a minimalist; I love plain cheese!

  2. Looks like so much fun! You look gorg! I’m a sucker for aaaany pizza but I’ve been on a mushroom kick lately.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!!!!! And that pizza looks awesome! It’s massive!!!

  4. Artichoke pizza sounds amazing! I think that would become my new favorite as well!

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