WIAW: Nut Butter Time

Hiya, everyone! It’s that time of the week — What I Ate Wednesday. Except this time, I have a little spin for you. A couple weeks ago, the super cool peeps at Artisana Organic Foods sent me a bunch of their nut butters to try, so I’ll be showing you all of the delicious spreads I have been consuming over the past couple of weeks. As always, thank you to Jenn for putting this partay together!

As you can imagine, I was incredibly excited when this was the package that was delivered to me:

The first one that I decided to dive into was the coconut butter. I put it atop my morning oatmeal along with some blackberries:

I had been seeing coconut butter all over the blog-o-sphere. Healthy living bloggers seem to love this stuff for the taste and the healthy fats so I figured this stuff would rock. Well, it is totally incredible, but took me a couple of tries to get used to. I absolutely loved it over oatmeal because when it melted, the texture was kind of like frosting without being as sweet. If this stuff wasn’t so expensive I would purchase it all the time.

Next up? Pecan:

Now, this sentence may sound kind of funny, but I loved the Pecan Butter so much because it tasted like I was eating a bunch of crushed up pecans. This nut butter in particular was so delicious because I could tell how natural the ingredients were. It was delicious on its own and also when paired with a drizzle of honey!

Then I went for the Macadamia Nut Butter:

While I loved the crunch from the macadamia nuts, I wished there had been a bit more flavor. It was a little bland for me.

The Cashew Nut Butter was next:

This was another nut butter I really enjoyed! Cashews are my absolute fave, so I knew that I’d love this one, and I was right!

There are still a couple other nut butters (and coconut oil) that I have to try, but I wanted to share all of my thoughts that I have with you; and What I Ate Wednesday seemed like the appropriate time! What I really loved about the Artisana nut butters was how natural they tasted. With each nut butter I tried, I couldn’t believe how simple yet delicious each one was, reminding me that processed food and foods pumped with fillers just aren’t good for you. Thanks again, Artisana!

Question: What is your favorite nut butter? What do you like to eat nut butter with?


10 responses to “WIAW: Nut Butter Time

  1. I was just eyeing up the walnut butter at a health food store the other day! All of the different flavors sound so good!

  2. Justine Duppong

    They all look so good–I’m jealous! πŸ™‚

  3. I am always so jealous of everyone who gets a huge artisana stash!!!!

  4. I’m so boring with my nut butter. Peanut and almond for me. But wow – if I got that pack I would definitely try them all. I haven’t really tried any others because they’re so expensive, but coconut butter sounds AMAZING!

  5. I still haven’t tried coconut butter, but I really am not a fan of coconut! I think I will stick to the nut butters for my healthy fat πŸ˜‰

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