Hello Snacky people! How’s it been? I’m sorry that I went missing Sunday-Tuesday. Saturday night I went out with friends:

Which caused me to do NOTHING on Sunday. And then yesterday and Monday were just busy. It happens. This WIAW is also going to be semi-lame because I wasn’t able to take pictures of my lunch since I went out with clients. Anyway, let’s thank Jenn for always putting on this partay for us!

This morning I woke up and squeezed in a great workout before heading off to work. I completed thirty minutes of cardio which was split between the treadmill and elliptical and I then went onto doing a few sets of abs. Nothing too crazy, but enough to break quite a sweat.

Once I got home, it was time for breakfast!

In the oatmeal mix:
-A little over 1/4 cup steel cut oats
-1/2 cup skim milk + 2 tbsp water
-dash sea salt
-dash pumpkin pie spice

I added some low sugar maple syrup and a bit of Better’n Peanut Butter on top.

Like I mentioned, pictures of my lunch couldn’t be taken being that I was with clients. We went to a well-known Italian-American restaurant called Serafina and started with a few appetizers (including fried calamari, prosciutto, and cheese). For my main course, I chose a chopped salad with some walnuts, sliced pear, corn, and asparagus. To be honest, I was happy with how much I was able to not go over-board with the appetizers. They were all so delicious, but I managed to keep it at a few bites. It’s easy to indulge when there is such delicious food around!

I didn’t get home until 7:30 because I had to run a few errands after work, so by that time, I was starving. Something quick and simple was right up my alley so a salad it was:

My salad was filled with romaine lettuce, Trader Joes Roasted Gorgonzola crackers (addicting), a little bit of chicken, and some soy cheese. It was fab!

Now I’m off to do a few more thangs before settling in for the night! Happy WIAW 🙂

Question: Are you a bum on Sunday’s?? Generally I like to try to get things done, but if I go out on Saturday night, that all goes down the drain.


4 responses to “WIAW

  1. I love being a bum on Sundays! My weeks are crazy hectic, so I love the downtime that I get on the weekends! I try to be lazy at least one day.

  2. Saturday is usually my lazy day. On Sunday I’m busy getting everything done before I go back to work!

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