Cape Escape

Good evening, snacky friends! How was your weekend? As mentioned in my last (very brief) post, I spent the weekend in Cape Cod with my parents and friend John. I met John during my college days and we have remained close ever since. I was kind of in the need for a quick and relaxing get away, so the Cape was a perfect place to escape to. I didn’t exactly workout that much (at all) during my two day vacation or watch what I was eating (at all), so this week it’s back into healthy living action. Here are some pictures from my weekend πŸ˜€

On Friday morning, my mom surprised John and I with the best donuts and coffee on the cape; Hole In One. I think the pictures will do all the talking:

I ate several bites of two different donuts along with some egg whites. And obviously the entire coffee was consumed.

Not too long after breakfast, we walked around a town called Chatham and checked out the beautiful beach:

Even though the weather wasn’t the best, there is always something about looking out at the beach that is incredibly peaceful. It automatically clears my mind and I become less of the fast-paced, always busy New York City girl and turn into a more sane, gentle version of myself. After gazing out at the beach for a bit, John and I headed back to the house for the most wonderful snack EVER; crackers, strawberries, cheese, and wine!

All of this deliciousness was followed by dinner and drinks out – and I apologize but I only managed to get a shot of John and I with our drinks rather than the food! However, I will say that I had salmon for my entree which was incredibly delicious.

Saturday was spent in Provincetown shopping, drinking, eating, and dancing:

It was such an enjoyable few days that I wish never had to end… I hope to be back in Cape Cod, soon!

Question of the Night: Do you have any vacations planned? Where to?


8 responses to “Cape Escape

  1. I love Cape Cod! I go there every summer and it has been a tradition in my family. Also, drooling over that lobster. Craving seafood so bad!

  2. I love Hole In One! They have delicious breakfasts.

  3. Omg… those donuts! I was just telling my mom at church on Sunday that I could really go for a donut (it was coffee/donut Sunday at church; I don’t just randomly think of stuff like that!). I love Cape Cod! I’ve only been once, but it was one of my favorite vacations because I got to feed my Kennedy obsession quite a bit!

  4. Love the pictures! I am extremely jealous of your relaxing getaway!

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