Yessssirrrrr I was still able to throw together a lil’ What I Ate Wednesday, even with my wisdom teeth just being removed. As I’ve told you, I’ve basically been eating soup and yogurt, but they’re all different, and I just wanted to join Jenn’s party! Cause what food blogger doesn’t 😉 ? So here’s some stuff I’ve been eating throughout the week. Thanks, Jenn!

Split Pea Soup 🙂

Starbucks Iced Coffee – no straw cause of them damn wisdom teeth.

Small Organic Plain Yogurt Parfait with Quinoa, Bulgar, and a little fruit. This was tougher to eat 😦 But worth it!

Chicken soup my room mate Brittany made me 🙂 She even cut the chicken into itty bitty pieces so I could semi-chew!

Trader Joe’s Blueberry Yogurt with some Better’n Peanutbutter and Chia Seeds

After a quick workout of 30 minutes of walking and several leg exercises, I decided to order a trio of Mediterranean dips. I was just so hungry for real food. The dips came with some authentic Turkish bread which I tried to ‘chew’ as best as I could.

And that’s about it!

Question of the Night: What’s the best thing you ate today? Do you have a favorite kind of soup?


10 responses to “WIAW

  1. readytogetsweaty

    You’ve definitely been creative with the soft foods! And that trio dip looks delish. The best thing I ate today was actually my AM snack – apple with PB2. That’s a combo that will NEVER get old. Hope you are feeling a little relief 🙂

  2. The eats still look delish to me! Iced coffee without a straw does kind of stink though 😦

  3. yogurt and peanut butter is the best combo!

  4. I asked the same question on my WIAW post today. My favorite thing was my egg scramble breakfast 🙂

  5. caloricandcrazy

    hopefully that yogurt and pb mix made up for the tough time you’re going through with your teeth and all 😉

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