Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Hi hi, everyone. I hope you’re all nice and relaxed after a wonderful three (or for some of you lucky peep’s) four day weekend. Mine was spent in Sea Bright, New Jersey with a couple of my best friends. The entire weekend consisted of food, drinks, sun, beach, talking, going out, and doing it all over again. I haven’t had a weekend like this in a while, so I was really sad to see it end.

My friend Rebecca and I went down to Sea Bright very early on Saturday morning to meet up with our friend Eva and by the time we got there we were starving! We all knew we wanted to get brunch at The Turning Point; which has basically become our go-to breakfast/brunch spot. Let’s just say our eyes were bigger than our stomach’s. We ordered so much food and basically finished half of everything.

The above is the Turning Point’s ‘Fruit Bruschetta’ which I cannot not order every single time I eat there. It’s basically toasted pita points baked with cinnamon sugar and topped with a delicious fruit salad. I don’t need to say anything else.

Eva and Rebecca each ordered the Lobster Eggs Benedict:

I went for the ‘Fit and Trim Combo’ which was a honey wheat wrap filled with egg whites, sliced turkey sausage, spinach and tomatoes. It was supposed to come with a cup of oatmeal but I subbed mine for a cup of greek yogurt.

I freakin’ loved my choice for brunch but could only finish half of the wrap and half of the yogurt. Such a shame because it was so good! And yes, we all decided to order pancakes to split… which, surprise surprise, we could only each manage about five bites. Like I said, we felt hungrier than maybe we actually were.

A shot of my lovely friends:

A majority of our Saturday and Sunday were spent doing very stressful things like this:

Happy hour’s on our balcony facing the water wasn’t so bad either:

After some happy hour fun, the girls and I had reservations for a sushi place called Sawa which was right in town. It was definitely an enjoyable experience, as the food was very fresh and the service was fantastic.

We started with edamame (and a bottle of white vino) for the table to split:

Rebecca and I also split the Crispy Ginger Duck Roll, which was excellent:

For my entree, I went with the Wasabi Tuna Salad which was basically seared tuna and avocado over salad with ginger dressing. My picture didn’t come out that great — sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But I did get a nice, albeit blurry shot of Rebecca, Eva, and I!

On Sunday night, Rebecca actually had a wedding to go to, so Eva and I decided to check out a popular restaurant called Avenue. While kind of pricey, we had so much good food and a wonderful view of the ocean. I really can’t complain over here.

We started off with a little tin of fresh bread which was basically saving my life since we weren’t able to get reservations until 9:00 PM.

Eva and I decided that Grilled Octopus sounded delicious as a starter, so we agreed to split it — and I am very glad we did. It was so delicious and was the perfect light choice to begin our meal:

For her main course, Eva went with the mussels and french fries while I ordered the Exotic Mushroom and Tempeh Fricassee. The Mushroom and Tempeh Fricasse came with kale, leeks, brussels sprouts, and grilled cippolini onions. To die for.

And of course, no ‘real’ dinner is complete without dessert so we ordered the pistachio and chocolate crepe which was actually the perfect amount. We each had a few bites and our sweet tooth was satisfied:

Monday came and went, as we basically woke up, ate breakfast, and hit the road. I was so sad to leave, but incredibly grateful for such a fun and care-free trip. I think the beach and I are going to be very close friends this Summer.

Once I got back to good old NYC, I hit up the gym for an intense workout and re-stocked my kitchen with the healthy weekly essentials:

It felt amazing to really break a sweat and get back into the swing of things. Last week was virtually impossible to workout because of my wisdom teeth surgery and as you can see from the above pictures, the most working out I did was walking from restaurant to restaurant and pouring myself some Skinny Girl Margarita. This week I plan to eat as healthy as possible and get in some real, solid workouts!

Now I’m off to be lazy and make a salad for dinner. Have a great Monday evening ๐Ÿ™‚

Question of the Night: What did you do this Memorial Day Weekend? Did you have good food/drinks?


8 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend 2012

  1. yum! i love Skinny Girl! What kind did you guys try?

  2. I drove home from school this weekend and celebrated a little with the fam. Love your outfit in the pic you’re holding the SkinnyGirls!

  3. I went to the beach, too, and it was fabulous! Looks like you had a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i love your cover-up!! and that you were at pier village! there is a turning point in hoboken, you knowww

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