Dude, WTF..

Does the above title not say it all? Okay, I wanna throw a little pity party and that’s what I’m going to do. It all started yesterday afternoon when I realized the right side of my mouth felt super funky. I was getting major head aches and ear ache’s and figured it was just my mouth healing after my wisdom teeth surgery along with allergies. Not so. Always trust your gut instinct. I think I live by this. You need to trust yourself and what your body is telling you.

I knew that something was really wrong and that the allergy/mouth-healing excuse was probably not going to cut it. Basically, I was up all of last night, icing my mouth and just tossing and turning. When I finally got out of bed this morning, my face was swelling up. Enough was enough and I called the oral surgeon. Luckily, they had me come in at 9:30 AM and as soon as the doctor saw me, he asked me if I had eaten anything this morning. I knew that only meant one thing – something was wrong and he wanted to put me under anesthesia.

The doctor told me I had a really bad abscess underneath the gum where one of my wisdom teeth was removed and he wanted to work on it right then. I had eaten breakfast prior to seeing him, so I could not go to sleep for this procedure. Instead, the doctor administered the anesthesia to the right side of my mouth and got to work. It took about 25 minutes and was absolutely excruciating. This has been by far one of the most painful experiences of my life – as of today, my wisdom teeth were removed almost two weeks ago and I am still in so much pain. It has subsided a bit, but has never fully gone away. I now have a small drain in the back of the right side of my mouth along with two new pain killers.

So I’m praying to finally have all these wisdom-teeth issues resolved after this. Alright, pity party done.

Anyway, tell me what’s new with all of you snacky friends! Leave me some happy news from your lives.. I need some cheer 🙂



16 responses to “Dude, WTF..

  1. Feel better!

    My trip to Vegas is less than a month away! Do you know of any great or famous restaurants that you can suggest to me. The only thing I plan on doing is partying and gambling so I need some recommendations to where I should eat while I’m there so I don’t forget about eating!

  2. Oh my dear! I am so sorry to hear that you’re having teethy troubles 😦 No fun! Does this give you an excuse to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather??

  3. No! I am so sorry you’re miserable. Hopefully those meds will take away some of the pain for now haha

  4. Ugh that sucks! Good thing you listened to your gut!

  5. Oh no Steph! Sorry to hear this! I have heard of similar stuff happening to a few of my friends. The whole wisdom teeth removal process is such a pain. Hope you feel better SOON!

  6. I’m so sorry! That sounds awful! I hope the pain goes away soon. I’m glad the oral surgeon was able to see you quickly!

  7. Rachael @ Ready To Get Sweaty

    Oh NO – that is horrible. Well at least you get to have some more fro-yo. Although I’m sure you are already sick of it – if that is even possible. Let’s see something happy – I was officially given the okay to run again by the PT 🙂 Today is gorg here in MA, so hopefully the weather is less humid in NY right about now so you can enjoy it a bit. Feel better 🙂

  8. readytogetsweaty

    Oh no. That is horrible so sorry to hear about that. Looks like more fro-yo for you. Although you may be sick of it by now – if that is even possible! Let’s see good news – I was given the offical okay to start running again by the physical therapist. This means I finally get back to my regular exercise schedule after three months! Hopefully its less humid in NYC today so you can sit outside for a bit. Feel better!

    • The froyo actually really helps because it is so cool and seems to calm the pain down 🙂 That’s awesome you can start running again! I am a huge MA lover ❤ my parents have a house in Cape Cod!

  9. ittybitsofbalance

    I’m so sorry, Steph 😦 That stinks! I hope that things start to look up very soon for you!

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