Clips of Aruba

Hey there! Well today was my first day back in NYC after a fantastic week in Aruba. While I checked in here and there with you all, I can now show more pictures of the fabulous time my friends and I had. We didn’t really skip a beat on our trip, from the food to the drinks to the laughs and the talks. If I could do it all again I would. Let’s just say it was tough to get back to work today and the ‘usual’ routine after such ‘stressful’ days on the beach and nights out. My next couple of posts will include Aruba pictures… enjoy!

More to come tomorrow! Night 🙂


5 responses to “Clips of Aruba

  1. Soooo pretty! Can I raid your closet paleeaseeeee???

  2. I LOVE everyones clothes. Where did you get your wedged shoes? and that neon coral dress your friend has on is to.die.for!

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