Keeping It Together

Ugh, another weekend comes to an end and Monday starts creeping up on us. Why does this always seem to happen? Strange, huh 😉 Well at least I can say it was both a fun and accomplished weekend. I love Saturday’s and Sunday’s that include play time along with getting some shizzzz done. Always feels good.

I wanted to center this post around Summer indulgences and how I’ve been managing to ‘balance’ it all. Generally speaking, the Winter time and holiday season tends to be the most popular time for people to ‘slip’ up from their daily diets and healthier eating habits. This definitely rings true for me, however, I have also found that I can easily fall off the band wagon during the Summer months. Heck yeah, I want to look good in that bikini–I did go to Aruba with five friends after all–but I also want to be able to enjoy myself.

Aruba brought a few cheats here and there–Happy Hour’s:

Dessert ( this was split amongst all of us 😉 ):

Drinks with dinner:

And snacks before going out:

The above pictures seem like a lot of damage was done–and in retrospect, this is kind of true. But on the flip side, I also managed to squeeze in two quick gym sessions while on my vacation. I also ate light, yet protein-filled breakfasts’ and lunches each day. I managed to not gain any weight on this trip by delegating my indulgences for when we ate out at dinner, and even then, I tried to stick with fish and/or something that wasn’t too heavy. Was I restricting myself? Honestly, not in the least–I had plenty of those delicious island drinks! But I also didn’t want to go over-board. I’ve been feeling good in my clothing and in my biknini’s and would prefer for it to stay that way.

Then, there are those Summer BBQ’s, parties, night’s out, and happy hour’s:

(Only some of our July 4th party food)

I’ll have you all know I won the above beer pong game 😉

From what you can see in these pictures, this Summer has been tons of fun so far. At the same time, I try to be disciplined during the work-week and/or during the day if I know that I am going to happy hour or meeting up for dinner with friends. I want to be able to be young and go out and enjoy myself while still slipping into a skirt or sexy summer dress and feel good about the way I look. This has been my ultimate goal. Balance. It’s the trickiest thing to pin down, but I kind of feel like I’ve finally got it.

For me, personally, hitting the gym at least 4-5 times a week really helps to keep everything in check. My metabolism is revved up, and I have a little wiggle room to enjoy that extra glass of wine. I don’t have to beat myself up at the gym, but sweating it out with some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the treadmill for 30 minutes along with some strength training seems to do it for me. It sort of makes all the difference in the world.

These are just a few tips and tricks that have helped me to be able to get my fill of fun, while still keeping my sanity and ‘healthy’ happiness. None of this is stuff that you haven’t heard before, but it’s all worked for me and has enabled me to go out and have guilt-free fun.

Question of the Night: What are some ways that you find your ‘balance’ between eating/drinking during the Summer months with exercise and healthy foods?


2 responses to “Keeping It Together

  1. I hope to take your inspiration for balancing onto my vacation this week! I really struggle with eating well on vacation!

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