Good morning, everyone, and happy What I Ate Wednesday! I’m going to take you through (most) of my eats from yesterday. I haven’t been craving much lately–don’t know what the deal is–but I still managed to eat some pretty delicious stuff! Thanks, as always, to the wonderful Jenn, for hosting such a lovely party πŸ™‚

Breakfast lately has been kind of on the lame side, but I haven’t been wanting anything too filling, so I’ve been keeping things simple with a small bowl of cinnamon pecan Special K. This was eaten around 8:00 AM.

Around 10:30 I had a nectarine followed by an unpictured granola bar. I was definitely hungry before lunch which kind of contradicts what I said about not being too hungry lately.. but I promise it’s both weird and true!

Lunch was around 1:00 and it consisted of some tofu and low fat cheese over a salad with veggies. I paired it with some gorgonzola crackers from Trader Joes which are my favorite!

After work, I managed to snag some time at the gym. I’ve been hitting the gym at least five times a week lately which feels awesome and has definitely been helping to release some stress!

Post gym, I made a small smoked salmon ‘sandwich’ which consisted of a few slices of smoked salmon and hummus on a 100 calorie hot dog bun:

And dessert will beeeeeeee:

FROYO! Definitely can’t go wrong with a little froyo πŸ˜‰

Have a great day, everyone.

Question of the Day: Do you ever find that you are hungrier some weeks than others? Sometimes I’m starving and sometimes I’m not craving anything!


12 responses to “WIAW

  1. You’re right…you definitely cannot go wrong with froyo! It’s heavenly!

  2. Smoked salmon is so yummy! I always thought it was so expensive, but I’ve been buying it lately anyway!

  3. readytogetsweaty

    I noticed that I am hungrier if I work out in the AM – it definitely throws my whole day off. I’ve also noticed that this summer I am craving the heavy foods, not your typical light summer foods – super annoying! That fro-yo looks delish and I may just have to stop on the way home myself.

  4. the sugar and carbs are gonna cause a greater spike in your glucose levels making you hungry faster. try having more protein (complete protein sources will be better a better option since they have all 9 essential amino acids which better supports your bodys biological functions..vs. granola and nuts etc) with veggies which will will sustain you for a longer period of time. youll digest *complex carbs* more slowly too. and if ya wanna lean out for the summer time..generally speaking, thats the successful combo– watch out for protein sources with lots of carbs in them.

  5. Froyo makes everyday an amazing day!! πŸ˜‰

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