Friend Filled

SUNDAY–AGAIN?! What the heck! It was JUST Friday afternoon 😦 I can’t be too bummed, though, because my weekend was filled with so many friends. After work on Friday, I left the city to go to my hometown and from the moment I stepped off the bus it was go-go-go with late nights out and BBQ’s. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how my wonderful weekend hours were spent.

On Saturday, all of my girlfriend’s got together for a BBQ where we ate and drank.. and ate and drank.. and ate and drank. It was glorious. Seeing old friends and hearing what’s going on in everyone’s lives makes me so happy to see how far we’ve come πŸ™‚ Corny? Toats McGoats. But I love it!

My friend Lori created such a delicious dessert that consists of three simple ingredients. This will be featured on the blog ASAP.

After the BBQ, a few of us decided to freshen up and head out to a bar for a little while.

I feel like one of the luckiest parts of my life is that I have so many incredible and fantastic friends from college and also have some of the most loyal and caring friends from my childhood. When shit hits the fan I can count on any of them. Okay enough of the cheesiness! Sorry!

As soon as I got back into the city this afternoon, I hit the gym for an hour for a cardio, leg, and ab filled workout prior to food shopping at Trader Joe’s. After all of the crap I ate and drank this weekend (guilt-free) it’s time to get back on track for another week of workouts and healthy eats.

Now it’s time for some Sunday night TV, which is the bessssttttttt. Have a good night!

Question of the Night: Do you have more friends from your childhood or from college? Or do you have a mix of both?


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