Apple Pie Parfait

Hello, everyone! Monday came and went pretty quickly and before I knew it I was making dinner. I love when that happens and we inch closer and closer to the weekend 😉 In last night’s post, my friend Lori had made a delicious, simple, and healthy dessert for a BBQ we attended on Saturday. The best part?–all it takes are three ingredients! I’ll call it an ‘Apple Pie Parfait’.

What you’ll need:
-Low Sugar Apple Sauce
-Whipped Cream
-Graham Crackers

To make this, simply crush two graham cracker sheets in a plastic baggie. Layer the parfait like so: graham cracker crumbles, apple sauce, whipped cream. Repeat once more! I topped mine with a few white chocolate chips, too 🙂

Thanks for such an awesome and easy recipe, Lori!

Before I sign out, please check out my guest post over at Nikki’s blog, Life After Swimming. It’s all about how I balance my blog, StephSnacks, and how I try to not compare myself to other healthy living bloggers.

Night, all 🙂


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