Frying Pan

Hey, peeps! Ummm.. for those of you living in NY or along the East Coast–are you ready for this heat wave to end? I certainly am! It is absolutely disgusting here in the city; you can’t walk outside without wanting to run right back inside. I actually saw a couple of people taking a jog outside today and wanted to cry for them–that was totally dramatic, but seriously, running outside in 100-degree weather? No thanks. But what did I do in this incredibly gross heat wave? Meet up with my friends for drinks, of course 😉

Around 6:30, my friends Britt (who is also my room mate, but I’m sure you know that by now), Krystyna, Danielle, and I all met at the Frying Pan. The Frying Pan is a big boat which was turned into a bar/restaurant and is located on the West Side Highway (26th and 12th to be exact). Because we were sitting right along the water, the breeze was perfect and helped us to stay as cool as possible.

What else kept us cool? A little white wine sangria for the win!

We were all pretty hungry, and since it was time for dinner, our orders went in as soon as we decided what sounded good. For me, that meant the hummus veggie wrap.

I absolutely loved the side salad it was served with. The actual wrap itself was pretty good, too. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and there was a nice amount of hummus. I didn’t really eat the wrap itself because it was just so hot out and I didn’t want anything too heavy.

Both Britt and Danielle ordered the crab cake which came with a huge hunk of avocado. It looked so good and the girls confirmed that it was amazing!

Krystyna went with the clam bake which consisted of clams, mussels, corn, and potatoes. This also looked really delicious.

It was such a nice night and I can’t wait to go back 🙂

Question of the Night: What is your favorite cocktail/beverage on a hot Summer evening?


4 responses to “Frying Pan

  1. This weather has been brutal. I love the heat, but this is a bit much!

    My favorite warm-weather drinks are sangria & mojitos!

  2. readytogetsweaty

    I agree with you, this weather SUCKS! This restaurant looks like so much fun. I have yet to “go out” with friends this summer, so I’m super jealous!

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