Stone Harbor

Hello hello and happy Monday morning to you all! Sorry I didn’t check up over the weekend – I was away in Stone Harbor, NJ with my friend Analeesa, her family, and Analeesa’s boyfriend Evan. We had such a fantastic time – getting some sun, eating good food, and drinking wine, margarita’s, and beer. Analeesa’s family has been renting a house in Stone Harbor for years and this was my third year joining in on the fun for a couple of days. Here are some pictures of my weekend get away.

On Saturday night, Evan, Analeesa and I made home made pizza which was a huge hit! We had a few different toppings including mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and cheese. Sooo delicious. I basically helped to prep the veggies, but unfortunately SOMEONE was taking up all of the counter space–EVAN. 😛

Evan once again impressed us with Kahlua French Toast on Sunday morning. Not sure I need to say anymore. What a show off! No but seriously, this french toast was so, so delicious. It was definitely a treat.

We followed up our Kahlua French Toast with some beach time 🙂

It was a great couple of days and I am always grateful to spend some of my weekends near the water in the Summer. The beach allows me to clear my mind and relax while at the same time have a great time with my friends.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

Question: How often do you get to go to the beach in the Summer time?


4 responses to “Stone Harbor

  1. Looks like a great time! 🙂 Kahlua french toast sounds insane!

  2. pretty beach pix 🙂

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