Family Day/Friends Night

What’s going on peeps? How’s your week going so far? We are almost at Wednesday which makes me absolutely thrilled that there’s only two and a half more days ’til the weekend. Anyway, I wanted to continue my weekend re-cap post this evening since so much went on.

On Saturday, my sister and I met up with our parents for brunch at Serendipity. Serendipity is a staple in the NYC area known for it’s over-the-top desserts and infamous frozen hot chocolate. My mom has been talking about how much she has wanted this frozen hot chocolate for about a year now and it was time for her to kick the craving! We ordered two – one for my sister and I to share and one for my mom and dad to share. These things aren’t exactly small. Portion control? Not so much.

So I’m not kidding when I say that this was absolutely freakin fantastic. I really enjoyed that the whipped topping was home made and it complimented the chocolate nicely. The chocolate shavings were a nice touch, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even though we enjoyed our respective frozen hot chocolate’s to the max, we didn’t enjoy the food at all. Gillian and I each ordered more or less the same egg white omelette and I can truly say I didn’t even find it to be average. The conclusion? Don’t order a meal at Serendipity, order dessert only!

I felt super full after our decadent brunch so it was a good thing we had an afternoon of walking around scheduled. Our first stop was the Highline, which is basically a walking path/park located on the top of a bunch of buildings. I was able to get some pretty great pictures of the views from above!

Following the Highline, it was time to meander around Chelsea Market. Chelsea Market includes a variety of food/beverage/craft vendors which sell local produce/meats/cheeses/beers/sweets/snacks. While it was really crowded since we went on a Saturday, it was nice to be able to look around at some items you don’t tend to see in generic stores. Next up? The West Village where we shopped around for a while before calling it quits for an afternoon cocktail (yes this was my idea). It was soooo hot out and a bellini sounded really nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our day was so much fun and it was really nice to be able to spend some quality family time together. My parents live in Cape Cod, Gillian is in Philly for school, and as you know I live in New York City, so spending time together is pretty rare.

The night time called for drinks and dancing with friends! As Nikki mentioned to me, she got a kick out of my Instagram pictures this weekend (if you don’t follow me, my user name is StephSkork). My friends and I are quite the candid group of people and can basically have a good time wherever we go. It’s the best.

And that’s my weekend in a nut shell! I felt so fantastic on Monday to re-start my clean eating and to get in a workout for an hour. This Summer has been filled with many indulgences in the form of alcohol and late night eating. It’s important to balance it all out with sweaty workouts and nutritional meals during the week. I’ve undoubtedly been having a blast this Summer but I don’t want to feel like crap because I’m constantly eating/drinking crap! Staying on track is important when you’re weekends (or mine at least) veer a little off course.

Before signing off, I wanted to shout out a reminder to Kim Whitbeck that you are the winner of my Cascadian Farm giveaway! Please email me at to claim your free granola ๐Ÿ™‚

2 responses to “Family Day/Friends Night

  1. Serendipity is amazing! I went there last year when my sister and I made our annual NYC trip!

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