Happy WIAW everyone! Not only will I be showing you what I’ve been eating over the past week or so, but I also have two awesome product reviews. Let’s get the ball rolling — thanks so much Jenn for throwing this party together each week 🙂

The above picture includes a new bread by Ezekiel 4:9 called Sprouted Flax Bread. I absolutely loved this bread for a few reasons. The fact that it’s free of artificial flavors, additives, and preservatives is pretty amazing. Quite honestly, what I really liked about the bread is how satisfied I felt after eating just one piece of it — sometimes when you opt for the lower-cal versions of bread, you just aren’t satisfied. When I included the Sprouted Flax Bread in my meal, I was totally content.

I’ve also been eating a lot of these:

The above are some of the most delicious chips I have ever eaten and I was lucky enough to receive two bags from the people at ‘The Garden of Eatin’. The Garden of Eatin’ Sprouted Blues Chips and the Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips were packed with flavor and made for a great snack or to eat along with my lunch. I offered some of the chips to my co-workers, and the majority liked the sweet potato version more than the sprouted blues — and I have to agree. The sweet potato
flavor was incredibly good. If I can find these chips in the supermarket they will definitely make it into my basket!

Question of the day: Have you tried any new food/beverage products lately??


3 responses to “WIAW

  1. Sweet potato tortilla chips?!?! Oh, I’m already in love.

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