NY vs. LA

Hi, guys! I couldn’t be more happy that tomorrow is Friday.. I have a great weekend coming up filled with lots of friend time. I’m hoping to also get a few odds and ends done around the apartment that I have been ignoring for quite a bit. Do you tend to do that, too? Ignore the ‘oh shit I really need to clean out the old clothes in my closet but f*ck it, I want to go out instead’ sort of thing? Hoping I’m not alone here.

Anyway, as you may or may not know, before moving back to good old NYC, I lived in Los Angeles for two years of my college career. Why go to LA for college when I was born and raised in NY? The college I attended, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), was the only college where one could obtain an Associates Degree in Beauty Merchandising and Marketing. And yes FIDM was the school featured on The Hills with Lauren Conrad. And yes I met her… and Stephanie Pratt. I used to be obsessed with the Hills…. I digress.

I receive a lot of questions from people asking me whether I like LA or NY more. What are the major differences? Would I consider moving back? So I’ve complied a list of main differences between these two beautiful, eclectic, and interesting cities for you below:

1) In regard to shopping, LA offers two main outdoor malls or shopping centers known as The Grove and The Americana. Both of these places are absolutely gorgeous – with a Spanish-style sort of vibe. When I attended FIDM, going to The Grove was a favorite spot of mine. In NYC the stores are scattered throughout and there are a ton of little boutiques all over the city.

The Grove – Source.

The Americana – Source.

2) Hair? LA = blonde. NY = I tend to see more brunettes but there are some girls (ahem–me–ahem) that love to play with their hair and slowly go to the blonde side. I can attest that BOTH blonde’s and brunettes have fun!



3) Guys? I have dated guys from both the LA and NYC area’s… if anything, there is definitely a difference in how they dress. In LA, a lot of the guys wear designer jeans; especially True Religion. And tons of shirts with decals. And then, of course, you have your surfer dudes with the shaggy hair. In NYC, the guys tend to dress a little more buttoned up, but out at night, it’s a plain nice shirt with some dark jeans or preppy-ish pants. Yes, I love fashion so I probably notice these things more than the average person.

4) In regard to restaurants, LA always has the newest and latest trendy restaurants popping up every few months. Many times a celebrity will be behind the opening. I found that in LA, while the trendiest restaurants had amazing decor and a fantastic ambiance, the food wasn’t always that great. It was more about being ‘seen’. In NYC, the trendiest restaurant may be a bitch to get reservations to (aka calling legit three weeks in advance if not more) but the food is usually divine.

5) Transportation; LA you must have a car. Don’t ask questions, just take my advice. NYC – the subway is where it’s at… although grimeyyyy.

6) Obviously coffee is a necessity in both cities. The major player in Los Angeles is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, which my friends and I would often go to during our breaks from class. NYC? Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts–hands down. I actually think the best of all three is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Not as strong as Starbucks but not as ‘weak’ (sorry if I have offended DD fans out there) as Dunkin.


7) In Los Angeles, some people choose to spend their weekend in Palm Springs. On the other hand, some people from NYC choose to spend their weekends in the Hamptons.

8) As for night life, I found that the club scene was more prevalent in LA. In NYC, there’s definitely a club scene too, no doubt about it, but there’s also a ton of bars all over the city.

9) The LA state of mind is urgency-free. There’s never this ‘rush rush rush’ or ‘go go go’ mentality. Thats a good and bad thing. In NYC? Complete opposite. You best be rushing and go-ing or Ima run you over! Just kidding… sort of. It’s a good and bad thing.

And that’s that! Now you tell me, what are some other cities you have lived in? What did you like/not like about them?


8 responses to “NY vs. LA

  1. Spot.on. While I’ve never lived in LA, I’ve spent enough time visiting friends and this is so, so true. And laahve Coffee Bean – have you had their pecan praline latte? Um, yummm.

    • Oh. And I’ve lived in a few places – the best of them were Burlington, VT… which while winter sucks is an awesome little eclectic city – full of tons of young people from all over the place, and tons of great little bars/”clubs”/restaurants. And then there’s Boston…I love it and the nerd in me just loves history. It’s so walkable which is just a dream. Bars close too early (wahh), but it’s got a great restaurant scene…especially the further out you go, where rent is cheaper, you can find some really unique stuff!

    • Ohhhh mahhh gaahhhh I have to get on that Pecan Praline Latte now!

  2. AHAH love it and I could not agree more!! 😀

  3. I saw that coffee place all over when we were in San Diego/Hollywood but didn’t stop! I should have!

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