Last Friday Night..

..Started off with ordering sushi from I was super hungry from my workout so I was really glad that it was a speedy delivery. Not to mention that the sushi was delicious!

After sushi, it was time for a night out with my girllll frraaaannss..

(A night wouldn’t be complete without bromance, would it?)

Today’s schedule includes working out at Equinox — which by the way I am an official member of and couldn’t be more excited. I had once been a member a few years ago when I worked at the Equnox Spa during college and I had a free membership. While on the pricey side, Equinox is definitely a facility worth considering if you’re serious about working out and being in an environment where it’s encouraged by others!

Also on the agenda? Going for a brewery tour at Brooklyn Brewery with my friends! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so it should be awesome considering the weather is amazing outside!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone 🙂

Question of the Day: If you belong to a gym, which gym do you go to?


6 responses to “Last Friday Night..

  1. Looks like a fun night!

    I belong to a local gym, not a chain like Gold’s/LA Fitness, etc. It’s a little bit more expensive than other options, but I figure as long as I’m going it’s worth it!

  2. I’m in the market for a new gym…I’m moving, and I’m just tired of Planet Fitness. I mean, yeah – you can’t really beat $10 a month, but I’d love to be able to do some classes.

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  4. Looks like a good friday to me! Bromance is the best hahaha. And I have heard great things about equinox!

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