A Saturday in Brooklyn

Hey there! How was your weekend? If you missed my Friday night over-view, check it out here. Onto the next–>Saturday! My friends and I had really been looking forward to Saturday because we had plans to head over to Brooklyn for a free tour of the Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn Brewery beer is really well known in NYC so we were pumped to check it out. We got ready at the apartment and headed out in time for our 5:00 tour:

I spotted this quote outside of the brewery which I now hold near and dear to my heart:

Once inside, we went into the back of the brewery — there was a group of about 40-50 of us — where a tour guide gave us some facts about how the brewery started and the differences between pale ales, lagers, and alcohol content. Quite honestly, the tour wasn’t as much of a tour as it was a lesson in the basics of beer, but it was still nice to do something different.

After the ‘tour’, the girls and I headed out to the beer garden which is attached to Brooklyn Brewery. It was time to have some beer! In order to get a beer, you need to have ‘beer coins’. Each coin costs only $5 and gets you one beer; not bad.

We each purchased a beer (I forgot which one I drank, sorry!) before heading off to dinner.

We didn’t make any reservations on purpose so that we would be able to walk around Brooklyn for a little bit. As someone who lives in Manhattan, I don’t head to Brooklyn nearly as much as I should. Before long, we spotted a restaurant that is really popular in Manhattan and happened to have a location in Brooklyn. The Meatball Shop! I had heard so many good things about this place and was stoked to learn that we only had to wait about ten minutes before being seated.

Once seated, we all agreed to split a pitcher of the ‘Bitches Brew’. While delicious, it was a tad on the sweet side.

For my entree, I rolled with the ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad’. I chose vegetable meatballs with pesto sauce. The dish also came with red beans, beets, marinated cucumbers (my favorite), and arugula.

I absolutely loved my entree — especially the vegetable meatballs paired with the pesto. Pesto isn’t something I eat too often, so this was a real treat. I must admit, though, that the vegetable meatballs didn’t seem to be completely on the healthy side. I’m not sure exactly how they were cooked, but they kind of tasted like falafel. Delicious nonetheless.

All in all it was a great day exploring an area that I’m not too familiar with. I will definitely be making more trips back!

Question of the night: When was the last time you visited a place you weren’t so familiar with? Where was it?


6 responses to “A Saturday in Brooklyn

  1. 1. You ladies look gorgeous! and 2. That salad looks awesome!! … I wanna know what the “Family Jewels” sauce is! Bahah. I’m five.

    This summer I went to this place around here called “Life Alive” – they have a couple of locations, but none are normally near me so it was a treat to stumble upon one randomly. They do juices, smoothies, crazy amazing vegan/vegetarian fare – and while I only got a smoothie I was super impressed. I can’t wait to go back!

  2. readytogetsweaty

    When I attended the HLS I was able to explore Cambridge a bit and even went to Harvard Gardens, a restaurant I had never heard of. I love exploring new places and trying local restaurants – I’m not a huge fan of nationwide chains. You girls look great and it sounds like you all had a great time 🙂

  3. I am always in love with your outfits! I need a sense of fashion…haha

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