Last night was insane and instead of writing about it, how about some pictures? They’re better than my blabbering. Happy 24th Anthony – thanks for a crazy ass night.

Even though I was told last night by some of the guys that they don’t prefer when I write about fashion (shocking, really) I was pretty proud of the mix and match I came up with. Sometimes when you throw in a belt (my choice for the evening), a scarf, or some sort of accessory, it can change an entire outfit:

Anyway, onto the pics!

To round out my weekend, I spent my Sunday brunching with my friend Eva, hanging out with my other friend Alyssa, and walking around the city for almost two hours. By walking for two hours I tried to work off my one too many vodka club soda’s and that late night slice of pizza… well, yeah, I probably didn’t work it all off. So worth it though. Gotta let go every now and then or you’re not living.

Alyssa and I on this gorgeous Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your night!


6 responses to “Shenanigans

  1. Looks like a fun Saturday night! Love your blue top!

  2. readytogetsweaty

    I love these pictures – what a great night out! And I love your black skirt, so fun!

  3. Love your outfit as usual…and looks like an amazing time for you, as usual, too 🙂

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