Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Hey there everyone – how was your weekend? I enjoyed my Saturday and Sunday to the max. I’ve been taking this amazing workout class at my gym (Equinox) called Power Strike and it basically entails tons of kick boxing moves in different combinations. I’ve never had a workout leave me so sweaty yet feeling like I can keep going — and the time goes by so quickly! I was able to squeeze in two of these classes; one on Saturday and one today and feel so, so good.

Last night, my room mate Britt and I hosted a ‘Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!’ party to merrily usher in this beautiful season. We felt like we had such a fun-filled Summer and really want the mood to shift right into Autumn. Here are some pictures from the night.

It was a very successful party, I’d say! My weekend was filled with not such great eating – a few chips here and there. Some Mexican food Friday night. Ya know, weekend things. Definitely ready to start the week off right tomorrow – however, I will say that the hardcore workouts I completed on Saturday and Sunday made me feel better about my indulgences!

Before signing off, a friend of mine in Los Angeles reached out to me because she is raising money and doing a mud run to bring awareness to sex trafficking. The donations go directly to the Somaly Mam Foundation — they help rescue and rehabilitate survivors of sex trafficking (with a focus on southeast Asia). Please visit this link if you would like to donate! Thanks!

Question of the Night: Do you tend to workout over the weekends? Or do you do lighter exercising (walking, light lifting, etc..)?


6 responses to “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

  1. my weekend workouts are usually hardcore to make up for my weekend eating. :]

  2. Each weekend is different, but I could definitely do a little better with working out!

  3. What a great idea for a party! I love fall and everything it brings 🙂

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