Hi there! Well here we are again, ‘What I Ate Wednesday’! Can’t believe we are half way through the week–but I certainly don’t mind. Thank you as always to Jenn for throwing this party together πŸ˜‰ Below you’ll see a few things I have been enjoying recently!


In my smoothie mix was the following:
-1 cup skim milk
-1/2 cup frozen berries
-1/4 cup pure pumpkin
-1 tbsp cocoa powder
-pinch xantham gum

I also tossed in about 1 tbsp of oats on top for a little extra texture. It makes a difference to me!

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive some Hershey’s Lite Chocolate Syrup to taste-test. It has been recommended by professionals to drink a glass of chocolate milk post-workout in order for the muscles to experience a solid recovery. Protein from the milk helps restore the muscles, vitamins and minerals sustain strong bones, and chocolate milk has the perfect carb to protein ratio–3:1.

To be honest I have been loving having a glass of chocolate milk either before or after my workout. I really enjoy that it’s not too filling, but also provides me with the energy I need. A huge perk of the Hershey’s Lite Chocolate Syrup is that it has 50% sugar than other chocolate syrup products. Score!

Lunch lately has been some sort of soup. It’s easy on the stomach yet filling. I wasn’t the biggest fan of having soup as a meal, but I am slowly but surely changing my tune. The soup below is a can of 99% fat free New England Clam Chowder (220 calories for the whole can) with some pretzels stirred in. Ya gotta try this soup with pretzels mixed in–insanely good.

Dinner last night was a serious winner in my book:

I drizzled the above with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled on some sea salt. Perfection!

Before signing off, I wanted to share two links with you — each warmed my heart. They are both about accepting our bodies in world that can be very non-accepting. It shows that we can break the mold and be happy with ourselves if we really want to. Hope you enjoy!

Deep Thoughts: Body

Model Robyn Lawley

Question of the Night: What are some meals you have been enjoying lately? Any new snacks?!


2 responses to “WIAW

  1. I’ve NEVER heard of putting pretzels in clam chowder before. I’ll take your word for it that it’s good though πŸ™‚

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