Introducing… Britt!!

Hi, everyone! So yes — here’s another vlog for you! This won’t become an everyday thing, I promise, but I kind of thought it would be a nice idea to introduce you to my room mate and friend Britt who you hear about all the time. We really wanted to stress the fact that even though we live together and have to share the same kitchen, we are able to positively influence eachother’s eating and workout habits.

The video is a little bit longer than we anticipated (but not too long!) however, I hope we got our point across 🙂 And at least we could be awkward together this time!



5 responses to “Introducing… Britt!!

  1. I love this! You guys had me laughing and seem like so much fun! I totally agree with everything you said. Balance is definitely key when living with someone, in many different aspects.

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