Wedding Love

Well hey there! It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to sit down and write a post…. but I have good reason! This past weekend was a very special friend of mine’s wedding. I have known Marielle, the bride, since what seems like practically forever because I was friends with her brother once I transferred schools in the fifth grade.

It was about my sophomore year of high school when I began to seriously get into makeup and tried to figure out how I could make a career out of it (present-day my job is as a sales and marketing product coordinator for a cosmetic vendor). From the moment I picked up a foundation brush, Marielle always asked me to do her makeup for any dances, dinners, and events she had to go to.

Needless to say, it was an incredible honor to be asked to do Marielle’s makeup for one of the biggest days of her life along with doing the makeup for her bridal party and for her mother (who holds a special spot in my heart). The day was exciting, touching, emotional, and all around a fantastic time.

I arrived at Marielle’s childhood home around 10:00 AM and got to work:

Once I finished the makeup, I rushed to the hotel so that I could make the ceremony, which was held in the church where I grew up and went to Catholic school. There was something beautiful about watching Marielle get married in a place that has held so many memories for me and for so many of my friends since this was the place that brought us all together.

After the ceremony, my friend John (who was my date for the evening) and I got a little more spruced up at the hotel and off we went to cocktail hour. I was totally impressed with this ‘sangria fountain’ that was at the cocktail hour, but I was also just impressed overall with the food and the incredible service at the bar.

Since cocktail hour was so much fun, I knew that the reception would be a blast and it absolutely was. My table was filled with friends from high school and it was great to catch up, eat, drink, and dance.

The night was truly beautiful and filled with happiness and love. Congrats to Marielle and Mikey!! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness ❀ πŸ™‚


6 responses to “Wedding Love

  1. Aw, so sweet that you got to be a part of the day!

  2. Looks like it was an awesome celebration! I love your outfit!

  3. ittybitsofbalance

    As I already told you on Instagram, I love your dress πŸ˜‰ So cool that you’re skilled with makeup. I could definitely use some improvements in my collection haha!

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