Today And Tomorrow

Hey peeps. Today and tomorrow are pretty significant days in my life. One year ago today, my best friend and grandpa passed away. I can’t believe I wrote this post a year ago. Time sincerely flies. I remember as soon as I found out that my grandfather passed (my dad called me) I almost immediately ran to Central Park and just ran and ran for as long as I could. It feels like that happened ten minutes ago.

Losing both my grandma and grandpa within four months of each other was quite honestly depressing. I was so close to both of them and sometimes I really long to pick up the phone and give them a call; their phone number I still have memorized. I probably always will.

My grandpa in I on a Christmas Eve when I was in high school (check out those bangs and the skirt — really cute! haha). He always played Santa and I always looked forward to a giant hug followed by a gift 😛 I miss those bear hugs.

Tomorrow is also a very special day, because onto a happy note, it’s my sister, Gillian’s 22nd birthday!! I cannot believe my sister is 22. SO WEIRD. She’s an adult. When did that happen?

So happy happy birthday, guth!! Enjoy every single moment of your special 22 ❤

That's all I have for now – night guys!


2 responses to “Today And Tomorrow

  1. Those pictures are fabulous! The best things we can do are love the memories 🙂 And happy birthday to your sissy!!

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