A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive the new VitaPizza’s from the generous people at VitaLicious. These pizza’s could not have come at a better time, with Sandy causing an upheaval in food purchasing and basically leaving shelves empty. I was able to try both the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme and Cheese & Tomato.

I was so happy to be able to try these new pizza’s – who doesn’t want to taste-test PIZZA? Now don’t get me wrong, obviously these aren’t the kind of slices you pick up at your local Italian restaurant, but sometimes that’s a good thing. We don’t always need to be eating tons of cheese and thick-cut crust that makes us feel lazy right after we consume it. I’m always up for some pizza here and there – in fact I had a slice (and a half) myself the other weekend – but I’m glad to have this as an alternative.

First up was the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme. I’ve always been a fan of pepperoni, so I decided to give this one the first try.

What I loved was the ‘meatless’ pepperoni – it was full of flavor but not too overwhelming. The only thing I felt this pizza was lacking was cheese. I wish there had been a little more cheeese! Then it would have been perfect.

Next up was the Cheese and Tomato:

This one was my favorite out of the two. There was the perfect ratio of cheese and tomato sauce which I really enjoyed.

Overall, I think these are a great alternative for when that pizza craving hits. They make a great meal when accompanied by a side salad or a small soup 🙂

Question of the Day: What is your favorite topping to have on your pizza? Or do you prefer plain cheese? Thin or thick crust? I love mushrooms and onions on my pizza and I think I enjoy thick crust more but there’s definitely something delicious about thin crust!


4 responses to “VitaPizza

  1. I had pizza 3 times this weekend. Oops hahaha. I think black olives are my favorite topping, though people think I’m weird for loving them! 🙂

  2. Those pizzas look yummy! I love both thin and thick crust, depending on my mood, but generally choose thin crust. I love a crispy crust! My favorite toppings are all vegetables and pineapple. Of course there is nothing wrong with just plain ole cheese pizza, too!

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