Sunday Nights

Sunday nights for me, like most people, are bitter-sweet. There’s a ton of TV and relaxing to do after the weekend comes to a close, but there’s also the anticipation of the week ahead. And whose kidding – Monday’s aren’t particularly fantastic for anyone. I’ve kind of made it a point to make my Sunday evenings filled with preparing food for the following few days, sipping on a little red wine, and enjoying some Real Housewives of Whatever. It’s incredibly relaxing and makes the following few days — food wise — very easy.

So here’s a look at what my Sunday evening’s consist of:

A salmon filet marinated in ginger dressing I had saved from my sushi a few days earlier. Makes for the perfect end-of-the-weekend dinner.

Baking chicken for the week.

Veggies with some olive oil and sea salt.

Chocolate Chip Chia Seed Muffins adapted from Green Lite Bites.

Now I’m set for the next couple of days for breakfast and lunch! It rocks, quite honestly 🙂

Question of the Night: Do you have a Sunday evening ritual? Anything that helps you to prepare for the week ahead?


2 responses to “Sunday Nights

  1. Way to be proactive! I find it so relaxing sometimes to just bake or cook by myself with a glass of wine.

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