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Cape Food

This past weekend in Cape Cod revolved around food and drinks… food and drinks… and more food and drinks. Lemme give you the run down in pictures..

Our first morning included pastries and donuts.. which were around the house ALL weekend so lots of snacking involved these lovely puffs of heaven.

One word. CANDY.

Cup of Kale Soup and Tuna Salad Sandwich in Provincetown

A crab cake egg white omelette with vegetables and a side of fruit. This was especially delicious since it was enjoyed while staring at the water.

My mom’s special pumpkin chocolate chip bread. This stuff is seriously insane.

Antipasti and vino

Happy hour with complimentary goldfish. Done and done.

An amazing dinner at The Naked Oyster which included Lobster Bisque (sorry for the terrible picture) and salad with tuna sashimi. Score 🙂

Needless to say, I am on my best behavior this week when it comes to eating as healthy as possible. I’m also trying to work out every day this week up until Sunday! It’s going to be a challenge but I know I can do it 🙂

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Question of the Night: Do you have a favorite breakfast you look forward to on special occasions? My mom always buys pastries when my sister or I go to visit them.


Cape Cod Love

Hey there! My friends Britt, John, and I are officially on the Cape for our long weekend 🙂 We arrived here late Wednesday night and all of the fun and activities began yesterday. On the agenda for yesterday was a big breakfast of pastries, walking around Provincetown, lunch, drinks, and more food. I’ll have a whole post of the meals we ate once I return to NYC.

Needless to say, I woke up this morning with quite the stomach ache. My stomach is just not used to eating chocolate, cheese, crackers, and candy all in one day. On one hand, that’s a good thing because I have trained myself to be as healthy as possible, on the other hand, it’s a bit annoying. But then again, when you eat as much junk as possible in 24 hours, I think that would happen to just about anyone.

Here’s a quick clip from yesterday’s events:

Looking out at the beach before making our way to Provincetown.

My mom and I matching in stripes! We did not plan this, pinky promise!

We’ve been laughing so much our sides hurt, and relaxing so much our brains are becoming mush! Both of those things are totally fine with me 🙂 I was pretty proud that I managed to get in an hour walk this morning along with a small arm workout before everyone else woke up. Not too shabby.

Today we plan to drive around the Cape, maybe go pumpkin picking, and we have reservations for dinner later tonight!

Catch you all later 🙂

What I’m Loving Lately

Hey there peeps! Tomorrow is Friday! Woop woop! Soooo happy about this. Saturday I have a birthday party to attend during the day (but not before my favorite Power Strike class) and on Sunday I plan on BEING AS LAZY AS POSSIBLE while doing some things around the apartment. I seriously cannot wait.

I haven’t done this in a little while, but here’s a list of things I have been loving lately:

1. Candles around my apartment — they’re so cozy and comforting and I have been lighting them at night and sometimes in the morning when I get ready for work. They help my mind completely shut off before a busy day or before I am about to fall asleep. I suggest you try it, too!

2. My new blonde hair! Weeee! I know I mentioned in a prior blog post that I basically dyed my hair blonde, but I am finally getting used to it and enjoying it. Can’t wait for it to grow back a little bit longer, though.

3.The cute and colorful iPhone case I received from my co-worker Jenn. It is so bright and cheerful! Thanks Jenn.

4. The cooler temps which make for amazing Fall outfits. I love the crispness of the weather.

5. Lovinggggg that I am going to Cape Cod next week! My room mate Britt and my friend John are coming with me and I absolutely cannot wait. It’s just what I need right now. Sometimes ya gotta get out of this crazy city for a hot sec.

6. Watching as much crappy reality TV (hi, Real Housewives of Anything and Jersey Shore) as possible. Sinfully addicting. Don’t hate.

7. Spanky. I miss this little guy so much. I can’t believe I haven’t seen him since the beginning of June. Breaks my heart 😦 can’t wait to squeeze him next week!

8. Working out every other day this week. I am someone who lovesss to workout for the feeling AFTERWARDS. Even though I might not enjoy the thought of working out on my way to the gym, I love how I feel after. However, my back has been really hurting lately (I actually had my first chiropractor appointment tonight) and need to chill a little with the working out. I am watching and recording what I eat (generally Mon-Fri) but my workouts haven’t become as frequent. Instead of 5-6 days a week it’s about 4-5. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it helps. Looking forward to long morning walks at the Cape.

9. Seeing my friend Eva this past weekend and again in a couple weeks. Eva and I have been friends since college and our friendship always remains the same. We are jackasses who love to have a good laugh but we also know everything about eachother and how to support eachother. She’s one of my best friends and I love that I get to see her a couple times this month!

10. The give away I am hosting HERE!! Make sure to enter.

Question of the Night: What are a couple things you are loving lately??

Cape Escape

Good evening, snacky friends! How was your weekend? As mentioned in my last (very brief) post, I spent the weekend in Cape Cod with my parents and friend John. I met John during my college days and we have remained close ever since. I was kind of in the need for a quick and relaxing get away, so the Cape was a perfect place to escape to. I didn’t exactly workout that much (at all) during my two day vacation or watch what I was eating (at all), so this week it’s back into healthy living action. Here are some pictures from my weekend 😀

On Friday morning, my mom surprised John and I with the best donuts and coffee on the cape; Hole In One. I think the pictures will do all the talking:

I ate several bites of two different donuts along with some egg whites. And obviously the entire coffee was consumed.

Not too long after breakfast, we walked around a town called Chatham and checked out the beautiful beach:

Even though the weather wasn’t the best, there is always something about looking out at the beach that is incredibly peaceful. It automatically clears my mind and I become less of the fast-paced, always busy New York City girl and turn into a more sane, gentle version of myself. After gazing out at the beach for a bit, John and I headed back to the house for the most wonderful snack EVER; crackers, strawberries, cheese, and wine!

All of this deliciousness was followed by dinner and drinks out – and I apologize but I only managed to get a shot of John and I with our drinks rather than the food! However, I will say that I had salmon for my entree which was incredibly delicious.

Saturday was spent in Provincetown shopping, drinking, eating, and dancing:

It was such an enjoyable few days that I wish never had to end… I hope to be back in Cape Cod, soon!

Question of the Night: Do you have any vacations planned? Where to?

Live and Love To Eat

Happy Sunday morning, everyone! I came up to my parents’ beach house in Cape Cod very late Thursday evening and have been un-plugged from the computer ever since. I promise you all a re-cap early on this week, but for now, please check out my guest post over at Claire’s blog, ‘Live and Love to Eat’! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend 🙂


‘Tis The Season

Back to the real world on this fine Monday? Not for this girl. Well, at least not for today. I was lucky enough to use a vacation day today and pro-long my Thanksgiving weekend. I basically woke up and instantly began to think about Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas, but then again, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Friends, family, food, drinks, gifts? Doesn’t get much better than that.

All of my Christmas excitement led me to downloading quite the bit of Christmas music:

Christmastime is Here – Straight No Chaser
Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Michael Buble (love. him.)
Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Buble
Silent Night – Michael Buble

So, yeah, Michael Buble will be in my life very frequently for the next month. I’m not complaining. In more Christmas news, I didn’t get to show you the pictures of the Christmas Tree’s my family and I saw while in Cape Cod. We spent the day in Chatham on Saturday, and were pleasantly surprised with a little lane of tree’s all ready for the holiday season:

Seeing all of the decorations really got me in the Christmas spirit! I continued on my merry way today with some Christmas shopping at the Columbus Circle Mall. I really love how they dress up the mall during this time of year:

After doing a little damage, and also scoring some steals at the mall, I picked up two more festive items on the walk back to my apartment:

An Advent Calendar from Trader Joes (A piece of milk chocolate behind each little door–yes ma’am!)


Sugar Free Peppermint Mocha Coffee Mate! I spotted this in Cape Cod and have been longing for it ever since. I can’t wait to have it in my coffee tomorrow morning… or even make a tiny cup now since I probably can’t wait.

Off to relax! Have a great night everyone.

Question of the Night: What gets you into the holiday season? Do you have any traditions?

A Cape Cod Thanksgiving

Hi there! How’s your Saturday so far? We went into town earlier and brought Spanky to the beach again. He is crazy about it! As promised, I wanted to show you the Thanksgiving feast my family and I enjoyed this past Thursday. Instead of preparing a meal at home, we decided to go out to eat and wound up having a great time. Our Thanksgiving Dinner was eaten at Captain Linnell House in Orleans, MA.

The Outside of Captain Linnell Table

Gill, my mom, and me before eating

Captain Linnell Table is an old home which was owned by a sea captain in the 1800’s. The interior is still incredibly old fashioned and the menu is comprised of good, hearty New England cuisine; seafood, steak, and chowder.

After ordering drinks (a glass of red zinfandel for me) we took a few pictures before deciding what to order:

The Parental Unit

Gill and her Dirty Martini

As an appetizer, my mom and I each ordered a cup of mushroom soup while Gillian and my dad went for the oysters.

Gill's Oysters

Sorry, I didn’t get a shot of the soup!

I was pretty shocked with how many options there were for dinner. There was a choice of turkey (of course!), ham, duck, sea bass, and salmon. I think there were one or two other choices but I was totally set on having my turkey!

Holy Thanksgiving!

The turkey was perfectly moist and the sides were amazing. The stuffing (which you don’t see because it’s underneath the turkey) was definitely my favorite side dish. I ate most of my plate, but not everything, it was just too much and I wanted to make sure I had room for dessert! I chose to order a piece of the pumpkin custard pie which was really good, but not fantastic. The dinner was way better than the dessert.

All in all, a fabulous was to spend Thanksgiving!

Question: Have you ever eaten out for a Holiday? Were you impressed with the food?