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On Loving Cities More Than People

The other day, my good friend Lara shared this beautiful blog entry with me. If you would like to check out the blog, click here. The entry was posted by Carrie Laski. Lara and I are both city girls — we love what New York City has to offer. The rushed pace – intimate coffee shops – tons of bars/restaurants – the autumn weather – the peace of Central Park. There is so much to learn about this irreplaceable city. I think you’ll love the words below; I certainly do — it’s a little long, but worth it.

“It wasn’t you, it was the trains we rode on. It was standing under the yellow glare of the lights and watching the cross section of humanity travel with us across town. We were pushed up against each other — you in your pea coat, me in mine — sharing a pair of headphones as the train rumbled through the underground. We may not have said a word or we may have spoken novels into each other’s ears. I can’t remember. We finally exited and climbed up the grimy stairs into the cold, starless night surrounded by traffic and people and lights. And I was in love.

But it wasn’t with you, it was with the back porches we stood on while talking about science in a language no one else understood. The spring had burst in: raw, gray, and relentless, and just before dawn we crossed wet streets in search of a refuge from the rain. Were you holding my hand? I can’t remember. I do remember that the rain never stopped, so we sat under ancient crown moldings while the thunderstorm crashed in and pelted the city with a fury not seen in decades. I watched the sheets of rain, and I was in love.

But it wasn’t with you. It was with the sidewalks we tread in summer that lead to a crumbling apartment building. It was the rooftop we smoked on while we watched the lake turn purple and empty of people. Before we went inside did you kiss me to fill up the silence? I can’t remember. I do remember it wasn’t how you laughed and put on records, but how the room looked around you: the furniture clashed, the posters peeled at the corners, and the lights wouldn’t turn up past a dusky glow. I stood in that room, and I was in love.

As you might be able to guess by now, it wasn’t with you. You weren’t solid like the high-rises or reflective like the shop windows I passed on my way to work. You didn’t let me sit for hours like my favorite cafes did, and you didn’t take me across town like the trains did. Your seasons never changed, and your skies stayed the same, unlike the city’s. I walked with you under those skies — day skies, night skies, skies with colors I never knew existed, and skies with no color at all, and I was in love.

But it wasn’t with the shirt you wore, the joke you told, or the way you put your forehead on mine as we danced. It was waiting in line outside the unnamed bar with strangers all around us. It was leaning against a sticky countertop and ordering too many whiskey-and-cokes until we were jumping up and down to 90s hip-hop songs. We would get bored, change bars, order more drinks, and repeat before finally tumbling into a cab where the remainder of an urban nightscape passed gleamingly out the window. We would fall against each other in bed while the sirens and the sounds of the neighbor’s party lulled us to sleep in the infant hours.

When I woke up next to you with the sun tearing through the blinds I was already alone. My city was outside waiting for me to put my feet on its pavement and run my hands along its concrete walls so I had to leave and be with the one I love.”

City Love:


Cape Cod Love

Hey there! My friends Britt, John, and I are officially on the Cape for our long weekend 🙂 We arrived here late Wednesday night and all of the fun and activities began yesterday. On the agenda for yesterday was a big breakfast of pastries, walking around Provincetown, lunch, drinks, and more food. I’ll have a whole post of the meals we ate once I return to NYC.

Needless to say, I woke up this morning with quite the stomach ache. My stomach is just not used to eating chocolate, cheese, crackers, and candy all in one day. On one hand, that’s a good thing because I have trained myself to be as healthy as possible, on the other hand, it’s a bit annoying. But then again, when you eat as much junk as possible in 24 hours, I think that would happen to just about anyone.

Here’s a quick clip from yesterday’s events:

Looking out at the beach before making our way to Provincetown.

My mom and I matching in stripes! We did not plan this, pinky promise!

We’ve been laughing so much our sides hurt, and relaxing so much our brains are becoming mush! Both of those things are totally fine with me 🙂 I was pretty proud that I managed to get in an hour walk this morning along with a small arm workout before everyone else woke up. Not too shabby.

Today we plan to drive around the Cape, maybe go pumpkin picking, and we have reservations for dinner later tonight!

Catch you all later 🙂

This Weekend I..

…Decorated the apartment for Halloween and finally put pictures on Britt and I’s fridge. We have been meaning to do this for a while and finally here we have it!

…Saw Argo. Go see it. It’s incredibly suspenseful and action-packed. I was legit on the edge of my seat. Yepp, I just said legit – if you haven’t noticed I like to abbreviate words. Hence, craycray. I digress.


..Went to my friend Rebecca’s birthday party

…Made an amazing crock pot meal. Recipe definitely to come soon 🙂

I was also able to take a yoga class, power strike class, clean, and get my flu shot! Feeling pretty accomplished over here 🙂

So tell me, how was your weekend?? Also, don’t forget to enter the Muir Glen give away HERE! Winner gets picked tomorrow night!

What I’m Loving Lately

Hey there peeps! Tomorrow is Friday! Woop woop! Soooo happy about this. Saturday I have a birthday party to attend during the day (but not before my favorite Power Strike class) and on Sunday I plan on BEING AS LAZY AS POSSIBLE while doing some things around the apartment. I seriously cannot wait.

I haven’t done this in a little while, but here’s a list of things I have been loving lately:

1. Candles around my apartment — they’re so cozy and comforting and I have been lighting them at night and sometimes in the morning when I get ready for work. They help my mind completely shut off before a busy day or before I am about to fall asleep. I suggest you try it, too!

2. My new blonde hair! Weeee! I know I mentioned in a prior blog post that I basically dyed my hair blonde, but I am finally getting used to it and enjoying it. Can’t wait for it to grow back a little bit longer, though.

3.The cute and colorful iPhone case I received from my co-worker Jenn. It is so bright and cheerful! Thanks Jenn.

4. The cooler temps which make for amazing Fall outfits. I love the crispness of the weather.

5. Lovinggggg that I am going to Cape Cod next week! My room mate Britt and my friend John are coming with me and I absolutely cannot wait. It’s just what I need right now. Sometimes ya gotta get out of this crazy city for a hot sec.

6. Watching as much crappy reality TV (hi, Real Housewives of Anything and Jersey Shore) as possible. Sinfully addicting. Don’t hate.

7. Spanky. I miss this little guy so much. I can’t believe I haven’t seen him since the beginning of June. Breaks my heart 😦 can’t wait to squeeze him next week!

8. Working out every other day this week. I am someone who lovesss to workout for the feeling AFTERWARDS. Even though I might not enjoy the thought of working out on my way to the gym, I love how I feel after. However, my back has been really hurting lately (I actually had my first chiropractor appointment tonight) and need to chill a little with the working out. I am watching and recording what I eat (generally Mon-Fri) but my workouts haven’t become as frequent. Instead of 5-6 days a week it’s about 4-5. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it helps. Looking forward to long morning walks at the Cape.

9. Seeing my friend Eva this past weekend and again in a couple weeks. Eva and I have been friends since college and our friendship always remains the same. We are jackasses who love to have a good laugh but we also know everything about eachother and how to support eachother. She’s one of my best friends and I love that I get to see her a couple times this month!

10. The give away I am hosting HERE!! Make sure to enter.

Question of the Night: What are a couple things you are loving lately??

I’m Right Hurr

Hello peeps! No I did not disappear but I was certainly absent from this blog for the past couple of days — but I have good reason! Things have been super busy lately and I just didn’t have the time or energy to get a post up. But don’t worry, I’m right hurr. Lemme show you what I’ve been up to since my WIAW post.

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to go to the Jay Z concert with my friend Lara. I knew he was performing in Brooklyn at the new Barclay Center practically all of last week, but didn’t think I would have the opportunity to attend one of the shows — so when Lara asked me to go last minute, I was so pumped. The concert was absolutely incredible — he performed for a little over an hour and a half and I loved every single second.

Lara and I at dinner before the concert — I’ll definitely have a restaurant review of this restaurant up within the next few days!

Insert Friday where I was super tired from the concert (totally worth it) and had a very busy day at work. After work, Brittany and I babysat for a friends son — he’s the cutest little thing and we were happy to do it.

Saturday included two birthday parties to go to. But not before going to the hair salon to get my hair highlighted.. blonder! I had been anxiously waiting this appointment (I go to Bumble and Bumble, by the way!) and was really happy with the outcome:

What do ya think??? You can be honest 😉

After my hair appointment, I headed over to Hoboken to celebrate my friends, Jenn and Ashley’s, birthday at the Hoboken Beer Garden. It was so nice to have some beers and chat with my friends!

After a little while at the Beer Garden, a few of my friends and I left because we had another birthday to celebrate — my friend Krystyna’s! We went back to Krystyna’s place to freshen up and relax and then got ready for a night out.

After going to bed around 3:30 last night, I woke up at 9:00 this morning to meet my parents for brunch because they happened to be in town for a wedding. Now I’m back here and exhausted after a jam-packed few days. I’m kind of hoping for a bit of a slower week, but not so sure if that’ll happen. We’ll see! The past three days I have not exercised at all but that will be changing tomorrow morning.

Have a great night, everyone 🙂

Question of the Night: When you go out to dinner or out with friends, what is your favorite drink to order? Do you have a go to?

Wedding Love

Well hey there! It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to sit down and write a post…. but I have good reason! This past weekend was a very special friend of mine’s wedding. I have known Marielle, the bride, since what seems like practically forever because I was friends with her brother once I transferred schools in the fifth grade.

It was about my sophomore year of high school when I began to seriously get into makeup and tried to figure out how I could make a career out of it (present-day my job is as a sales and marketing product coordinator for a cosmetic vendor). From the moment I picked up a foundation brush, Marielle always asked me to do her makeup for any dances, dinners, and events she had to go to.

Needless to say, it was an incredible honor to be asked to do Marielle’s makeup for one of the biggest days of her life along with doing the makeup for her bridal party and for her mother (who holds a special spot in my heart). The day was exciting, touching, emotional, and all around a fantastic time.

I arrived at Marielle’s childhood home around 10:00 AM and got to work:

Once I finished the makeup, I rushed to the hotel so that I could make the ceremony, which was held in the church where I grew up and went to Catholic school. There was something beautiful about watching Marielle get married in a place that has held so many memories for me and for so many of my friends since this was the place that brought us all together.

After the ceremony, my friend John (who was my date for the evening) and I got a little more spruced up at the hotel and off we went to cocktail hour. I was totally impressed with this ‘sangria fountain’ that was at the cocktail hour, but I was also just impressed overall with the food and the incredible service at the bar.

Since cocktail hour was so much fun, I knew that the reception would be a blast and it absolutely was. My table was filled with friends from high school and it was great to catch up, eat, drink, and dance.

The night was truly beautiful and filled with happiness and love. Congrats to Marielle and Mikey!! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness ❤ 🙂


Hey there! Thanks for your positive feedback from the two vlogs (here and here) that I recorded this past week. I plan to keep them up more regularly – and Britt will definitely be making more appearances!

Anyway, you all know by now that I am a big Pinterest fan. From recipe’s, to workouts, quotes, and everything else in-between, there are so many times when I fall on pinning gem’s. I wanted to share some of my most recent ‘gems’ with you.

(You know you’ve felt the same way)

This was hands down me and my friend Tina consistently throughout grade school and high school.

Tina and I in high school — should explain everything for you:

Whoops 😉

I think that’s all for now. Have a great day!