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Cape Food

This past weekend in Cape Cod revolved around food and drinks… food and drinks… and more food and drinks. Lemme give you the run down in pictures..

Our first morning included pastries and donuts.. which were around the house ALL weekend so lots of snacking involved these lovely puffs of heaven.

One word. CANDY.

Cup of Kale Soup and Tuna Salad Sandwich in Provincetown

A crab cake egg white omelette with vegetables and a side of fruit. This was especially delicious since it was enjoyed while staring at the water.

My mom’s special pumpkin chocolate chip bread. This stuff is seriously insane.

Antipasti and vino

Happy hour with complimentary goldfish. Done and done.

An amazing dinner at The Naked Oyster which included Lobster Bisque (sorry for the terrible picture) and salad with tuna sashimi. Score 🙂

Needless to say, I am on my best behavior this week when it comes to eating as healthy as possible. I’m also trying to work out every day this week up until Sunday! It’s going to be a challenge but I know I can do it 🙂

Before signing off — MOLLY! Please email me! You are the Muir Glen give away winner (!

Question of the Night: Do you have a favorite breakfast you look forward to on special occasions? My mom always buys pastries when my sister or I go to visit them.


Stone Harbor

Hello hello and happy Monday morning to you all! Sorry I didn’t check up over the weekend – I was away in Stone Harbor, NJ with my friend Analeesa, her family, and Analeesa’s boyfriend Evan. We had such a fantastic time – getting some sun, eating good food, and drinking wine, margarita’s, and beer. Analeesa’s family has been renting a house in Stone Harbor for years and this was my third year joining in on the fun for a couple of days. Here are some pictures of my weekend get away.

On Saturday night, Evan, Analeesa and I made home made pizza which was a huge hit! We had a few different toppings including mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and cheese. Sooo delicious. I basically helped to prep the veggies, but unfortunately SOMEONE was taking up all of the counter space–EVAN. 😛

Evan once again impressed us with Kahlua French Toast on Sunday morning. Not sure I need to say anymore. What a show off! No but seriously, this french toast was so, so delicious. It was definitely a treat.

We followed up our Kahlua French Toast with some beach time 🙂

It was a great couple of days and I am always grateful to spend some of my weekends near the water in the Summer. The beach allows me to clear my mind and relax while at the same time have a great time with my friends.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

Question: How often do you get to go to the beach in the Summer time?

Clips of Aruba Part Two

Hi, peeps! Happy July 4th Eve for those who celebrate. I hope that most of you have fun plans for tomorrow and/or are planning to watch some fireworks whether it’s in person or on TV. My room mate Britt and I are actually having a July 4th get together and we just finished up running some errands for the party. It’s going to be a blast; hot dogs, hamburgers, beers, mimosa’s, and tons of snacks 😉 Let’s just hope the rain holds off!

As promised in last night’s post, I have some more pictures from my vacation to Aruba to share with you. I also wanted to provide you all with some information of great places to eat/stay/go out while in Aruba if you ever plan to go 🙂 ! You can find all of this info at the bottom of this post.

I purchased the above bikini while in Aruba! It’s so comfortable and I absolutely love it 🙂

Dancing, of course!



The view from our room

Here’s the facts!

We stayed at the Marriott Surf Club Time Share. My parents were kind enough to let us use a week of their time share and this made all the difference in the world for us. Aside from not having to pay for a hotel, the time share is basically a huge apartment. There is a master bedroom with a master bathroom, balcony, and view of the ocean.

There is also a smaller bedroom which still has a balcony and a view of the pool/ocean. We had a TV room, dining area, and kitchen with all of the amenities (full sized fridge, coffee maker, blender, dishwasher, etc). And last but not least, the time share includes a washer/dryer which was amazing considering there were SIX of us going to the beach each day and out at night.

The first day we arrived in Aruba, the girls and I went to the supermarket and stocked up on snacks, breakfast/lunch foods, juice, and alcohol. We wanted to try to eat all breakfasts and lunches in the apartment since we had plans to eat out 4-5 nights of the week. While we purchased a good amount of groceries, we probably could have bought more as we ran out of lunch food after the third day!

The restaurants we ate at were as follows: Madame Janette’s, Blossom’s (a sushi/hibachi restaurant), Flying Fishbone, and Papiamento. The girls and I loved pretty much everywhere we ate, but our favorite place was Madame Janette’s.

At night or for happy hour, we hit up the following bars/lounges: Pelican Pier for happy hour (right on the water and $4 drinks from 4:00-6:00!), Senor Frogs, Gusto, Soprano Bar, Mojito’s, and to be honest I forget some of the other places 😛 ! One of the nights we went bar hopping on the ‘Koo Koo Kunuku’ bus which was sooooo much fun.

If anyone has additional questions, please feel free to email me at!

Goodnight everyone, and Happy 4th of July 🙂

Clips of Aruba

Hey there! Well today was my first day back in NYC after a fantastic week in Aruba. While I checked in here and there with you all, I can now show more pictures of the fabulous time my friends and I had. We didn’t really skip a beat on our trip, from the food to the drinks to the laughs and the talks. If I could do it all again I would. Let’s just say it was tough to get back to work today and the ‘usual’ routine after such ‘stressful’ days on the beach and nights out. My next couple of posts will include Aruba pictures… enjoy!

More to come tomorrow! Night 🙂

Last Day

Hi, there! Tonight is our last night in Aruba 😦 we are all seriously sad and can’t believe we have our last dinner in a couple of short hours. Even though I can’t complain, I’m not ready for this trip to be over! My friends and I have been soaking up the sun, enjoying endless happy hour’s, having plenty of girl talk, and loving our nights out. I haven’t really been caring too much what I’ve been eating or drinking, but I’m happy that I’m letting myself enjoy all this vacation has had to offer. The more concious eating and consistent work out’s will start up again once I return to NYC..

I can’t wait to show you all some more pictures (we have taken SO many) but for now, here are a few more..

The above picture is from a couple nights ago when we went on a bar hopping bus around Aruba. It was SO much fun and only cost us $34! Such a great deal.

Maya, Me, and Britt all ready for sushi!

Have a great rest of your weekend and talk to you all when I get back to NY 🙂

Aruba So Far

Hi, everyone! My friends and I just finished up a lazy morning of omelettes, toast, and coffee before heading out to jet ski. Our past few days in Aruba have been nothing short of perfect. I won’t make you too jealous 😉 so here are a couple pictures so far..

Tonight we are going on a bus to bar hop through town.. so it’s sure to be a fun night! Hope you’re all having a good week, talk to you soon!



Hello and happy weekend to you all! I’m sorry I’ve been absent the past couple days, but I did want to inform you all that this time tomorrow I will be here…


ARUBA!! I am going to Aruba for a week with five of my friends and we are totally excited. We literally booked this trip almost a year ago and can’t believe it’s here. This weekend has been spent running around getting everything done so I can ‘work hard’ on relaxing for the entire week.

I want to say I will be posting, but honestly, I may just take the week to stay off the computer as much as possible.

So if we don’t ‘talk’ soon, I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will be back up and posting (with tons of pictures from Aruba) when I come back!