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Sunday Nights

Sunday nights for me, like most people, are bitter-sweet. There’s a ton of TV and relaxing to do after the weekend comes to a close, but there’s also the anticipation of the week ahead. And whose kidding – Monday’s aren’t particularly fantastic for anyone. I’ve kind of made it a point to make my Sunday evenings filled with preparing food for the following few days, sipping on a little red wine, and enjoying some Real Housewives of Whatever. It’s incredibly relaxing and makes the following few days — food wise — very easy.

So here’s a look at what my Sunday evening’s consist of:

A salmon filet marinated in ginger dressing I had saved from my sushi a few days earlier. Makes for the perfect end-of-the-weekend dinner.

Baking chicken for the week.

Veggies with some olive oil and sea salt.

Chocolate Chip Chia Seed Muffins adapted from Green Lite Bites.

Now I’m set for the next couple of days for breakfast and lunch! It rocks, quite honestly 🙂

Question of the Night: Do you have a Sunday evening ritual? Anything that helps you to prepare for the week ahead?


Cape Escape

Good evening, snacky friends! How was your weekend? As mentioned in my last (very brief) post, I spent the weekend in Cape Cod with my parents and friend John. I met John during my college days and we have remained close ever since. I was kind of in the need for a quick and relaxing get away, so the Cape was a perfect place to escape to. I didn’t exactly workout that much (at all) during my two day vacation or watch what I was eating (at all), so this week it’s back into healthy living action. Here are some pictures from my weekend 😀

On Friday morning, my mom surprised John and I with the best donuts and coffee on the cape; Hole In One. I think the pictures will do all the talking:

I ate several bites of two different donuts along with some egg whites. And obviously the entire coffee was consumed.

Not too long after breakfast, we walked around a town called Chatham and checked out the beautiful beach:

Even though the weather wasn’t the best, there is always something about looking out at the beach that is incredibly peaceful. It automatically clears my mind and I become less of the fast-paced, always busy New York City girl and turn into a more sane, gentle version of myself. After gazing out at the beach for a bit, John and I headed back to the house for the most wonderful snack EVER; crackers, strawberries, cheese, and wine!

All of this deliciousness was followed by dinner and drinks out – and I apologize but I only managed to get a shot of John and I with our drinks rather than the food! However, I will say that I had salmon for my entree which was incredibly delicious.

Saturday was spent in Provincetown shopping, drinking, eating, and dancing:

It was such an enjoyable few days that I wish never had to end… I hope to be back in Cape Cod, soon!

Question of the Night: Do you have any vacations planned? Where to?

So, About This Weekend

Hey there, all. I was definitely missing a bit from the blog world over this past weekend – but I had a pretty good reason, which we’ll get to in a minute. Maybe this will help you to understand how I’m feeling right now:

Um, yeah, gonna have a couple of glasses of this tonight. But let’s talk about a nice part of my weekend — my Saturday workout! I haven’t gone on a power walk in quite some time — probably due to it being more chilly out than anything, but this past weekend the weather was fantastic and I just wanted to be outside. So after some coffee, I headed out for a 45 minute walk that had some great hills for a fantastic bootay burn!

After the walk, I decided to throw together two circuits to complete while watching repeats of the Jersey Shoes (don’t hate). Here’s what they looked like:

I did the above circuit twice and the below circuit four times for a fantastic workout:

Alllllrriggghhhttt let’s fast forward to Saturday Night. I had dinner plans with one of my very best friends, Alexis, for 7:30. Around 7:15 I left my house to meet her (I went to my parents’ house for most of the weekend since my sister was home from college) and was looking forward to some good food and talking. Well, there’s a ton of construction on the way to the restaurant, which causes two lanes to turn into one teeny tiny lane.

Before I knew it, everyone slammed on their brakes, including me. But the car behind me didn’t and SLAMMED into my car. Literally, people, I got the shit kicked out of me. And my car did, too. I bit down on my lip (which is fine) and I was squeezed up against my wheel. I couldn’t even process what was happening. I heard tons of metal scratching and glass was breaking and flying everywhere. I decided that I couldn’t control the wheel and my car basically smashed into the car in front of me and ricocheted right back into the car behind me. It was SO scary. I was convinced I was going to get really hurt, so just kind of prayed that it would be over.

As soon as the crash was over, the guy who crashed into me (his name was Scott and was about my age) ran out of his car somehow (which was totaled — an absolute scary mess) and came to see if I was okay. I was totally shaken up and the first thing he did was apologize over and over and over. He admitted that his GPS fell on the floor in that moment and he reached down to get it and wasn’t looking in front of him.

My car — my parents’ car, rather — is definitely a mess. I’m SO grateful that both myself and everyone else is okay. Scott hit me so hard that two cars in front of me had pretty bad damage too. It was a mess. Aside from a dull head ache that I’ve had since the crash, I’m feeling okay. I assume that the head ache is totally normal — but if I start to feel any other side effects, I’m going to go see a doctor.

So there’s my weekend in a nutshell! And now you can see why I need a glass of wine… or three. Yeah.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Talk to you tomorrow!